From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm Moving to Germany FromTexas!: Germany, You are Going to Love My Barbie Doll Coll...

I'm Moving to Germany FromTexas!: Germany, You are Going to Love My Barbie Doll Coll...: I have always loved toys, especially dolls, and playing with them.  Now you might think what is an almost 63 year old woman doing playing w...

Packing Up Some of the Barbies for the Move to Germany

I am leaving some too, to do their job of giving a little 
vacation to the little girls of military families.
This doll is one of my Barbies from the Designer Collection 
from Mattel, whose design is from Bob Mackie.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I Am Planning Another Little Girl's Birthday Party!

Our ranch is a place for children.  In planning our aim was to create a place where our grand-children and the children of military families could come and find a place to rest and refresh.  There is no better way for children to escape the stresses of life than in play and pretend.  Really,  that holds true for all of us.  We all need play. 

From the days of my own childhood came my love for Barbie dolls.  I will never forget the first one I ever saw.  She was in the basement playroom of my friend Joy Wease, who was the daughter of the pastor of our church.  Her Barbie was of the first doll design that Mattel ever made in the "Barbie" series, and had a pony tail, and curly bangs, along with that black and white stripped bathing suit, and black, "high heel" shoes.  I immediately fell in love with her, and the very next Christmas, there was  one under the tree for me.  My Barbie was a brunette, and she had a "bubble cut" hair do.  It was love at first sight, and there is no telling how many hours I spent in play with her and the Ken doll which followed on my birthday.  My sister received a blond Barbie with that same bubble cut, but ours had red one piece bathing suits.  We both dearly loved them, and only had one Barbie apiece in our childhoods.  Maybe that is why I have so many today.  At any rate, I knew exactly what to add to the ranch for little girls to play with to take them away from all of the cares of their lives, and my Doll Barn was born.
One of the ways that Soldier's Heart Ranch ministers to the families of the military is to provide this place to view and play with dolls of all kinds, even the boys, because they really enjoy playing with the GI Joe collection. I am planning a little birthday party for Samara, the daughter of very good friends, and it is going to feature a fun "scavenger hunt" game.  The little girls will have to take their art sheets from room to room in the house, find the Barbies on the page, and get a sticker to add to their art page.   Then they will go to the  paint table and use markers to color their sheet.  Next they will go  to another art table and use a glue stick to add some glitter, finishing their art work which they will take home with them them!

There will be many dolls to see and many to play with, wonderful little games to play, and of course play time with the Barbies and other dolls.  I know they will have a great time at this special party.  I will be posting more pictures of the settings and the fun time we will all have at this beautiful little party.  So watch the blog, and if you would like to schedule your own "Barbie Doll Party,"  give us a call at 979-865-8919, or email me at!  We are located in Sealy, Texas, about an hour from downtown Houston, Texas.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Little Girls From Military Families Love to Have Their Birthday At My House

They do because I love toys, especially Barbie Dolls!

I have lots of them, big ones, regular size ones, and tiny ones.

I sort of have a Barbie Doll Museum...

Guess What I Found in the Barbie Barn!

A baby rattlesnake was in the tea set I picked up to clean.

It doesn't take me long to look at a tea set.

 If the barn had not be so cold from the air-conditioning... 
I surely would have been bitten!

I Love When GOD Paints!

The sunsets at Soldier's Heart Ranch are so spectacular...

 From the front porch looking across the pond is so soothing

The ducks love sitting on the dock in the evening.


My Friend Is A Bed Hog!

He's beautiful...

He's a good friend...

He's charming...

But Chance is a "bed hog."

More Images From Round Top Texas

Round Top, Texas features so many old and historical buildings.

Some have been moved in, and some have always been there.

Many have been turned into quaint little shops which I love to visit!

Everywhere you look things are postcard pretty!

Even the Chamber of Commerce is a historic site in Round Top.

The private homes are showcases of a time gone by...

Of course this little area beckons the visitor...

More lovely photos and information on where to visit to follow!