From the Ranch

From the Ranch

The Rose Bedroom in the Ranch House Proper

My husband and I do not live an extravagant life, but we are very content and happy here at Soldiers Heart Ranch.  We have no desire to live an extravagant life either, we have dear friends, wonderful family, and a good church.  We love our little place here too, and while it isn't fancy, many in the world do not have the blessings that we do.  We are grateful to the Lord every day, and enjoy the time we have together, and count it as so valuable.

When I clean deep down, as I always do before Randy comes home on leave, I think of how much I love this little house, and each room in it.  It is where we have nested, where our animals are, the pond, the cabins, the woods, and much to Randy's chagrin, the Barbie Barn.  It is where our grand-children love to be.  It is where our military friends can rest and regroup to meet the challenges of being a military family.  It is where we pray, where we share meals, where we garden, and grow some of our own food.  It is where we sing, and I play the piano and other instruments.  I have put my stamp, and humble possessions we  have spent a life time collecting in each room.  They are probably only important to us, but to me they make our house our home.  The legacy of our lives is in this ranch house.

Each time I clean a room, I think to myself, I love this room, it is my favorite on the whole place, (we have 6 bedrooms when you count the cabins.)  So tonight I thought, "I will share this room with the world in pictures before my company arrives tonight, and I will share a room each day."   You guys can help me decide, which is the best room at the ranch.  Of course I already know what the men will vote for, it's the man cave... but anyway... the ladies will have to decide which one they like the best.

The walls in this room are the palest pink.  You almost cannot tell they are pink, and the pink sort of runs toward a rose pink.  

The bedstead is an antique reproduction, and the other pieces, the night stand, bookcase, dresser and chest I bought new about thirty five years ago when my children were very small.


This little chair I bought at an antique show several years ago for $20, and I recovered it, I love it!  The black Asian trunk at the foot of the bed is one that Randy brought back after serving in Korea.                                                                                    

The lamps on the dresser I bought many years ago at the Dollar General Store, and the three antique looking porcelain figurines I also purchased many years ago at the Family Dollar Store.  I love them because they remind me of my daughters.  Two are just alike, they represent my twin daughters.  

Two of my violets have found their way to the dresser, 
because the kitchen window has gotten too hot. 


There are two framed prints, which I have had about 20
years, hanging in this room which I love

 Always I have lived with the truth in my heart that is the essence of this print.  I believe it with all that is within me...

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but  the world my be different because I was important in the life of a child."  

This quote is by that really smart guy with only one name, "Unknown."

The very last time Randy and I made the trip up to Arlington Heights to perform our individual responsibilities with the 1st Battle Command Training Group, Randy bought me a tea set on the way home.  I display it in this bedroom on the night stand.

I have taken great care to make my          beds very comfortable.  If you visit me, you will sleep well.  The mattresses are good, and there is a three inch memory foam on each of them.  I have at least 400 thread count sheets, and all kinds of "sleepable" pillows, and decorative pillows as well.  I found these "furry" kinds of blankets at Target one time, the same kind of material that expensive baby blankets are made from.  You will not get cold under them, no matter how cold it is outside.

I always shampoo the carpet with Arm and Hammer Oxi-Clean Laundry Detergent.  It smells heavenly!  In fact I clean everything I can with that laundry soap, I love the clean fragrance!  Well that is a tour of what we call "The Pink Bedroom."  Nothing fancy, but comfort abounds, and we do love company!  So we will leave the porch light on, and turn down the bed if you are headed our way any time soon!  Just give us a call, see ya!