From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, June 12, 2014

For His Glory!

There is a young person of influence I know very well who must remain a covert Christian or they will not long survive. This person is in Iraq, and along with their family, this person is in grave danger. I am trying to find ways to show this person that Christians from around the world are praying for them. I know that if I were in this person's situation, I would need my Christian friends to support me, and I would need and desire the prayers of the people. Please, pray for my friend and their family and post here that you are, and share this post, so that the person can come to my page and see a sea of messages of support through prayer for a gravely difficult time for all the people of Iraq. Please pass this message to every person you know to be a true Christian who is a prayer warrior, that you know. Our God inhabits praise, and His power and glory are released when in praise and worship we lift our petitions before His throne! Please, join me in supporting the many Christians in Iraq whose lives are in grave peril. This isn't one of those chain type silly and emotional "spiritual" things, Only if you recognize it for what it is should you participate, and that recognition will come to you through the Holy Spirit.

More Confessions

Remember my blog post about the house I remodeled, and I wasn't feeling up to par while I was doing it either, I am so proud of my work.  Here are more pictures, before and after: 

My first color choice for the fireplace made it look like a monster with a big gaping mouth, even with my addition of tile to the mantel piece.  I had to rethink, and this antique white was a much better idea! Paint color choices are everything in remodeling! More of the living area later!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What a Magnificent Woman

To be driving at 92 is remarkable in itself, but what happens at Walmart is simply amazing.

How sweet her voice is, and how firm and sure her faith is!

McKenna Says God Lives Here

For a period of time my grand-daughter and her siblings lived at the Ranch with Randy and I, and we have always had a very close relationship.  She loves to come and visit us.  She has a special feeling about being here, as do so many people.  Recently a female veteran who lived at the ranch along with her daughter made the following comment, "We shall see you soon ...We enjoyed being at the ranch, I felt like nothing could hurt me there."  That is a common line of thought by all who visit, but our grand-daughter expressed it best...

As Randy always says, it is a place to "stand down."  I am not sure why, but it has always been a place of God's favor.  My little grand-daughter McKenna said it best when she arrived for a visit.  She said, "Nana, do you know why I love coming to the ranch so much?" I told her no, and asked her why she loved it.  She said, "Because God lives here."  She will be going to second grade this year I believe.

Psalms 91
The one who lives under the protection of the Most High
dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
He Himself will deliver you from the hunter’s net,
from the destructive plague.
He will cover you with His feathers;
you will take refuge under His wings.
His faithfulness will be a protective shield.
You will not fear the terror of the night,
the arrow that flies by day,
the plague that stalks in darkness,
or the pestilence that ravages at noon.
Though a thousand fall at your side
and ten thousand at your right hand,
the pestilence will not reach you.
You will only see it with your eyes
and witness the punishment of the wicked.
Because you have made the Lord—my refuge,
the Most High—your dwelling place,
10 no harm will come to you;
no plague will come near your tent.
11 For He will give His angels orders concerning you,
to protect you in all your ways.
12 They will support you with their hands
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the young lion and the serpent.
14 Because he is lovingly devoted to Me,
I will deliver him;
I will protect him because he knows My name.
15 When he calls out to Me, I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble.
I will rescue him and give him honor.
16 I will satisfy him with a long life
and show him My salvation.

Monday, June 9, 2014

So Many Love Me... It Creates a Terrible Tension

Ginger has developed a green eyed problem, she now wants me to pet her like I do Chance almost a little roughly, like you do with a younger dog... almost constantly... and sits at my feet or follows me endlessly!  Ginger is very old, about sixteen.  She can hardly get around, but since Chance moved in with us, she has begun feeling younger and younger, no longer does she sleep all day.  She is much more alert, playful, and J - E - A - L- O - U - S!  That low growl she gives Chance, the puppies, and Patti means business!  She has always been such a low key dog, but when she goes off, even at 16, it is bad, very bad...  So when she starts that growl because one of the other dogs or the puppies are bothering her... Kadie bar the door!

For the longest time Ginger was an only child...

The Cool Rerun

 Originally I published this blog post about two years ago, I had a broken leg and didn't know it.  I just thought I had sprained it.  I am "gimpy" once again, so I am re-running it.  This little story will leave you in wonder, I still think of  what happened often...

My husband is due in tomorrow for leave, and I am "gimpy" right now.  I traded in the original knee immobilizer, and it was such an improvement. Now it just goes from above my knee about six inches to about four or five inches above my ankle, but still getting around is so hard.  When my husband comes home on leave, I want everything perfect.  So I called in my friend Juana, and she came out with her girls to help me.  I hate accepting help, but I can get anything in the middle, but nothing low, and nothing high when it comes to housekeeping right now.  I get to spend Randy's leave having surgery to repair the injured knee.  Sigh... all that said, what I am trying to convey is, I am really busy today, and don't have time for distractions, things have to get done.

 About six weeks ago, after a week of rain Austin County desperately needed,  I made a professional courtesy.  I had been cleaning the back porch when the rain started with lightning and thunder, and I just left the trash can I was using on the porch and went inside.  It rained and stormed every day for about a week.  When I went back to the task, and started to pick up the trash can, out darted a little bird.  In the trash was a beautifully constructed nest.  Of course one mother to another we immediately had an understanding, and I just left the porch, trash can and all, exactly as it was and allowed her to finish her project.

Every day Rosie, (as McKenna, my 
grand-daughter had dubbed 
her, she typically names everything Rosie,) toiled away getting her nest just so-so, and then I didn't see her for a quite awhile as she sat on the nest.  I have a large window above my kitchen sink and I can observe my kingdom as I work in my kitchen doing everything from canning, cooking, to the much disdained chore of dish-washing.  Rosie and I became pretty good buds.
I admired her work ethic, and she admired mine.

 Then I saw her coming and going again, now she was bringing rollie pollies, little worms, and other delicacies.  I began hearing little cheeping from her nest.  Still I did not venture out to the porch, well actually I thought one time I would sneak out to the nursery and catch some photos, but her protests sent me back to my kitchen.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Have Been to So Many Wonderful Little Places!

One of the styles of decorating that I find pleasing is the Victorian style, with its' very feminine and soft look.  Of course that would not be appropriate at my house, since I live with a retired Soldier who was an Airborne Ranger and Jungle Survival School graduate, and he has enough problems with the very pink Barbie Doll Barn I put in on the ranch.  Here for your viewing pleasure are some photos of the beautiful little shop, Patricia's Victorian House, I didn't get to spend near enough time in there in Branson, Missouri.  If you get the chance, you should browse and shop at your leisure!  Keep checking this post, it takes awhile to add all these lovely pictures!  You can find this little shop at 101 Main St, Branson, Missouri, 65616, and contact them at (417) 335-8000.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Can You Be 62 and White Hot in Love?

I spend a great deal of time bragging on my husband.  There are hundreds of reasons for that, one is that I am white hot in love with the man.  I consider myself honored by God because He has chosen me to be Randy's wife, his "help meet."  He is such an amazing person, and sometimes I tell him that I am not certain if I love him more, or admire him more.

Love This Kind of Humor!

Friday, June 6, 2014

I Miss That Squirrel...

Traveler the little pet squirrel that was such a blessing in my life for awhile drifts across my mind every little bit and I miss him so much.  The animals of nature are such a wonder if you take the time to know them.  I have had amazing experiences here at the ranch with "wild animals."

Traveler the Squirrel at Play 

I Don't Know About Inquiring MInds, but I Want to Know

I have a question for the Army, why is the Army just now opening an investigation into the particulars of the reason or reasons that Bowe Bergdahl "walked" into the desert and then became a POW... Would you not think that you guys would have investigated that way back when?

Think I shall investigate said subject...