From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beautiful Sunsets From Lake Conroe Texas

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Love This Quote From Charles Spurgeon

They have no veils of ignorance or prejudice to darken their sight in heaven. Those of us who most candidly endeavor to learn the truth are nevertheless in some degree biased and warped by education. Let us struggle as we may, yet still our surroundings will not permit us to see things as they are. There is a deflection in our vision, a refraction in the air, a something everywhere which casts the beam of light out of its straight line so that we see rather the appearance than the reality of truth.  We see not with open sight; our vision is marred; but up yonder, among the golden harps, they “know, even as they are known.”  Charles Spurgeon

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Speaking of Children School Starts Soon... Pray for Those Who Hold Our Future!

"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists.  Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit." John Steinbeck

Friday, August 24, 2012

We Love Children At the Ranch

Especially my grand-daughters... and Randy bought a 70 foot zip line for the grand-kids to connect the tree houses in the woods.  Since it holds up to 225 pounds, guess who else is gonna be getting out her Tinkerbell outfit... I'll  be using it in six weeks when I get out of the brace and off the crutches due to the stress fracture of my tibia...

Bring your kids out to the ranch... or bring out your own inner child...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Just How Far Should Professional Courtesy Go Anyway?

My husband is due in tomorrow for leave, and I am "gimpy" right now.  I traded in the original knee immobilizer, and it was such an improvement. Now it just goes from above my knee about six inches to about four or five inches above my ankle, but still getting around is so hard.  When my husband comes home on leave, I want everything perfect.  So I called in my friend Juana, and she came out with her girls to help me.  I hate accepting help, but I can get anything in the middle, but nothing low, and nothing high when it comes to housekeeping right now.  I get to spend Randy's leave having surgery to repair the injured knee.  Sigh... all that said, what I am trying to convey is, I am really busy today, and don't have time for distractions, things have to get done.

 About six weeks ago, after a week of rain Austin County desperately needed,  I made a professional courtesy.  I had been cleaning the back porch when the rain started with lightning and thunder, and I just left the trash can I was using on the porch and went inside.  It rained and stormed every day for about a week.  When I went back to the task, and started to pick up the trash can, out darted a little bird.  In the trash was a beautifully constructed nest.  Of course one mother to another we immediately had an understanding, and I just left the porch, trash can and all exactly as it was and allowed her to finish her project.

Every day Rosie, as McKenna dubbed 
her, (she typically names everything Rosie,) toiled away getting her nest just so-so, and then I didn't seen her for a quite awhile.  I have a large window above my kitchen sink and I can observe my kingdom as I work in my kitchen doing everything from canning, cooking, and dish-washing.  Rosie and I became pretty good buds.
I admired her work ethic, and she admired mine.

 Then I saw her coming and going again, now she was bringing rollie pollies, little worms, and other delicacies.  I began hearing little cheeping from her nest.  Still I did not venture out to the porch, well actually I thought one time I would sneak out to the nursery and catch some photos, but her protests sent me back to my kitchen.

Then this morning Rosie began acting so strangely.  She started flying right smack into the kitchen window.  Flying up she would hover, staring straight at me,  fly away, only to come right back, and she was panting.  That really puzzled me.  I maintain a bird habitat, with a stream I engineered that runs into the pond so the birds will have plenty of fresh, shallow, waterI keep feeders there as well.  This bizarre behavior continued until I realized I needed to at least try to take her water.  When I went to the back porch carefully balancing the bowl of water, she flew straight at me, turned and flew to the end of the porch, then down behind the storage container that sits about three feet from where the dryer vent exits the house.  She repeated this behavior, and then I heard the familiar cheeping from where she was dropping down by the dryer vent.

Well, here she is, Rosie's little chick, we named her Bunnie after we rescued her from the oven like area where heat from the running dryer was definitely overheating her.  She had left the nest a bit early.  Returning her was not an easy task.  As we attempted the rescue, Bunnie, as we had named her, flew off the porch.  It was a lengthy rescue effort then, because she attracted the attention of the barn cats.  (They aren't that big on dry cat food.)

After taking photos, (after all it took a lot of my time and attention to return her to the nest,) we tucked her back in and watched from the kitchen window as Rosie gave her the lecture of her life.  Each of the girls, Maria and Suzanna, wanted their picture made with Bunnie!  She won't be around long if she keeps venturing out of the safety of her nest.  I hope Rosie realizes just how busy I was, and that I only took time out to help with her wayward child out of professional courtesy, one mom to another.  We moms have to stick together.

Genesis 1:20-23
And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky." So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth." And there was evening, and there was morning-the fifth day.

Job 12:7-10 - But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. 

That was an awesome little experience I would not have believed had I not experienced it, and shared it with three friends...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wanted.. Kidney For a Soldier, This is an Important Post

My friend Shelle from Soldier's Angels posted this... Somewhere... God is tapping a shoulder... The Still Small Voice is urging.... Is it you?



WANTED: People with Type “O” Blood to Donate a Kidney to Soldier “A” --- Contact:
People with Type “O” Blood to Donate a Kidney to Soldier “A”

Soldier “A”, a highly respected soldier over 2 decades of service to America, is in need of a kidney. He has Polycystic Kidney Disease and has been placed on the national donor waiting list, however this wait is over 5 years long and he will need a kidney in the near future.

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is an inherited disorder in which clusters of noncancerous, fluid-filled sacs (cysts) develop within the kidneys. The cysts vary in size and, as they accumulate more fluid, they can grow very large. Although kidneys usually are the most severely affected organs, polycystic kidney disease can cause cysts to develop elsewhere in the body, too. The disease causes a variety of serious complications.

For privacy issues, he does not wish to have his name known at this time. His family realizes the need to make this information public to assist in locating a potential donor, so this request is being made through the military community for help. His wife is a member of the milblog and national military support community.

Soldier “A” has a Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Commendation Medal (three awards), Army Achievement Medal (two awards), the Iraq Campaign Medal and a Combat Action Badge.

He is doctoring at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota as this clinic ranks #1 for kidney disorders in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings. Mayo Clinic in Minnesota offers up-to-date diagnosis and treatment options for adults and children who have polycystic kidney disease. Mayo's Minnesota location has one of the world's largest groups of practicing nephrologists (kidney specialists), including a research group devoted to the study of polycystic kidney disease.

If you are interested in becoming a donor or want more information about the process, please contact

View My Profile

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From Iraq A Stolen Little Known Parable... Wink, Wink...

Jesus as he was wandering through the streets of Jerusalem decided that he really needed a new robe or two.   all of the travel and preaching had taken a tole on his wardrobe.  As he was looking around he spotted a sign at a shop which read Katzin the Tailor.  After being measured and fitted he ordered the new clothing.

When Jesus went back in and tried on the robe after it was finished, it was quiet attractive, very well made, and it fit perfectly!  He inquired of Kazin what he owed.  Humbly Katzin begged; "No, no, no, .... Sir for the Son of God, there is not a charge.  If I may only ask for a small favor... whenever you are on the mount, or in a boat, or speaking to the people God's truth, could you just mention your humble tailor by name?  Jesus smiled and agreed, for requests made in humility are valued by God.  From then on, where ever he spoke to the masses, he mentioned his Katzin Robe, and the tailor's name who made it.

Time passed and again Jesus found himself walking through the streets of jerusalem, there at Katzin's shop a huge line of customers were waiting to be fitted for a robe like Jesus wore.  Jesus walked through the crowd which parted before him, and as soon as his friend Katzin saw him he smiled and said "Jesus, jesus, look what you have done for my business!  I am so grateful, would you consider a partnership?"  The son of God is alwas interested in a partn rship, and he readily agreed, saying "Jesus and Katzin it is!"  Katzin hesitated, and said, "well Jesus, I was thinking more along the lines of Katzin and Jesus.  After all he said, I am the craftsman.”
There followed a long and spirited debate, and ultimately a nice little compromise was arrived at  which please both jesus and his tailor.  IN A MATTER OF DAYS, A NEW SIGN WENT UP OVER THE TAILOR SHOP OF KATZIN, and the rest is history!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Purple Heart Day!

 The Purple Heart

 I just learned that today it Purple Heart Day, thanks to John Usmc Recon on facebook.  Since I am committed to making sure our grand-children, and children everywhere know of the best deeds of our countrymen, under the harshest of circumstances, in order that they might understand what true courage is I am writing this quick blog.  It isn't losing weight you have gained, that is courage, although that is admirable.  It isn't even those single acts of heroism that occur spontaneously, for instance, when someone runs into a burning building to save someone.  Of course that requires courage, and definitely is admirable, and someone owes their life to that individual.  The Purple Heart kind of courage is different in that it is the kind where an individual deliberately places themselves in the position of defending our country, our constitution (what we believe in as a nation,) and each one of our countrymen "from all enemies, foreign and domestic."  They perform this sacred duty on a daily basis, as a profession, in places where the odds are great they will sustain injury or death in doing so.

We were reminded on 911 of just what Purple Heart Courage entails.  Those emergency response personnel, so many of whom gave their lives that day, demonstrated Purple Heart kind of courage. On our soil, we were brutally attacked, and our innocent citizens murdered, by those who seek the destruction of our country and our way of life.  Since General George Washington first led our countrymen to a victory over an oppressive government, and enabled the establishment of the greatest nation the world has ever known, men and women of true courage have stood in defense of this country, preserving what was won at such great cost by our founding fathers. Hundreds of thousands have given, as General MacArthur described it, "their last full measure of true devotion."

In research, I found General Washington himself initiated through his desire to honor those wounded on the battlefield, the Purple Heart Award.  Here is a copy of General Washington's instructions concerning the award.  From his headquarters in Newburgh, New York, he wrote these specifics for what was first known as the Badge of Military Merit:

“The General ever desirous to cherish virtuous ambition in his soldiers, as well as to foster and encourage every species of Military merit, directs that whenever any singularly meritorious action is performed, the author of it shall be permitted to wear on his facings over the left breast, the figure of a heart in purple cloth, or silk, edged with narrow lace or binding. Not only instances of unusual gallantry, but also of extraordinary fidelity and essential service in any way shall meet with a due reward. Before this favour can be conferred on any man, the particular fact, or facts, on which it is to be grounded must be set forth to the Commander in chief accompanied with certificates from the Commanding officers of the regiment and brigade to which the Candidate for reward belonged, or other incontestable proofs, and upon granting it, the name and regiment of the person with the action so certified are to be enrolled in the book of merit which will be kept at the orderly office. Men who have merited this last distinction to be suffered to pass all guards and sentinels which officers are permitted to do.
The road to glory in a patriot army and a free country is thus open to all. This order is also to have retrospect to the earliest stages of the war, and to be considered as a permanent one.”

The man had a way with words, raised on the battlefield, bathed in the blood of, of war, and purified in the fires of the attainment of liberty.   I must add, from all I have read of General Washington, it was born of his personal faith in the Living God.  As far as the majority of our patriots were concerned, this nation was formed, "under God."

Apparently those early patriots were very particular in who was awarded this decoration.  The original honor badge was only to be received by  Sergeant Daniel Bissell of the 2d Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line; Sergeant William Brown of the 5th Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line, and Sergeant Elijah Churchill of the 2d Continental Dragoons, also a Connecticut regiment.  The medal was not awarded again.

Then in October 1927, after Word War I, General Charles Summerall proposed that a bill be submitted to Congress to again award the “Badge of Military Merit.” The Army’s Office of The Adjutant General was instructed in January of 1928 to file the information concerning medal. A rough drawing was included in the proposal package.  It was circular, concave in the center, and had a raised heart.  “For Military Merit," was engraved on the back.

General Douglas MacArthur is my husband's personal hero, and he was General Summerall’s successor as Army Chief of Staff  He's my kind of general... if you have never listened to his farewe.ll address, given at West Point, there are few things more worth a listen. This is Gregory Peck as General MacArthur at West Point in 1962.

It was this hero for the ages that brought back the idea for the medal. Miss Elizabeth Will, an Army heraldic specialist in the Office of the Quartermaster General, was given the assignment of the designing the medal with guidelines given to her.  Next the Commission of Fine Arts commissioned plaster models from three sculptors and, finally, since all things military go slowly, in May 1931, the selected model was chosen.  It was produced by John Sinnock, of the Philadelphia Mint.

On February 22, 1932 -- the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth the Department of Defense, which was at the time known as the War Department, announced the establishment of the Purple Heart award in General Order No. 3:

By order of the President of the United States, the Purple Heart established by General George Washington at Newburgh, August 7, 1782, during the War of the Revolution, is hereby revived out of respect to his memory and military achievements.

By Order of the Secretary War
Douglas MacArthur General Chief of Staff

The following is from the US Department of Veteran's Affairs, Celebrating America's Freedoms:

 "Army regulations specified the design of the medal as an enamel heart, purple in color and showing a relief profile of George Washington in Continental Army uniform within a quarter-inch bronze border. Above the enameled heart is Washington’s family coat of arms between two sprays of leaves. On the reverse side, below the shield and leaves, is a raised bronze heart without enamel bearing the inscription “For Military Merit.” The 1 11/16 inch medal is suspended by a purple cloth, 1 3/8 inches in length by 1 3/8 inches in width with 1/8-inch white edges.
Army regulations’ eligibility criteria for the award included:

Those in possession of a Meritorious Service Citation Certificate issued by the Commander-in Chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. (The Certificates had to be exchanged for the Purple Heart.)

Those authorized by Army regulations to wear wound chevrons. (These men also had to apply for the new award.)
The newly reintroduced Purple Heart was not intended primarily as an award for those wounded in action -- the “wound chevron” worn by a soldier on his sleeve already fulfilled that purpose. Establishing the Meritorious Service Citation as a qualification for receiving the Purple Heart was very much in keeping with General Washington’s original intent for the award.
However, authorizing the award in exchange for “wound chevrons” established the now familiar association of the award with injuries sustained in battle. This was reinforced by Army regulations, which stated that the
award required a "singularly meritorious act of extraordinary fidelity service" and that "a wound which necessitates treatment by a medical officer and which is received in action with an enemy, may, in the judgment of the commander authorized to make the award, be construed as resulting from a singularly meritorious act of essential service."
Until Executive Order 9277 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in December 1942 authorized award of the Purple Heart to personnel from all of the military services (retroactive to December 7, 1941), the medal was exclusively an Army award. The Executive Order also stated that the Purple Heart was to be awarded to persons who “are wounded in action against an enemy of the United States, or as a result of an act of such enemy, provided such would necessitate treatment by a medical officer"

" In November 1952, President Harry S. Truman issued an Executive Order extending eligibility for the award to April 5, 1917, to coincide with the eligibility dates for Army personnel.
President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11016 in April 1962 that further extended eligibility to "any civilian national of the United States, who while serving under competent authority in any capacity with an armed force…, has been, or may hereafter be, wounded" and authorized posthumous award of the medal.
Executive Order 12464 signed by President Ronald Reagan in February 1984, authorized award of the Purple Heart as a result of terrorist attacks or while serving as part of a peacekeeping force subsequent to March 28, 1973. The 1998 National Defense Authorization Act removed civilians from the list of personnel eligible for the medal.
The Purple Heart is ranked immediately behind the bronze star and ahead of the Defense Meritorious Service Medal in order of precedence.
Possession of the Purple Heart medal does not by itself qualify veterans for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation. However, since November 1999, Purple Heart recipients have been placed in VA’s enrollment priority group 3, unless eligible for the higher priority groups (1 or 2) based on service-connected disabilities. Recipients are also exempt from co-payments for VA hospital care and medical outpatient care, but not from pharmacy co-payments for medications prescribed for non-service connected conditions"

Whenever you learn you are in the presence of  a Purple Heart recipient, understand you are in the company of the truly courageous hero.


One of the Residents of the Ranch Has Had Either a Near Death Experience.... Or....

My grand-son Tristen is one of the most important people in my life.  I love him dearly for so many reasons.  One reason is his courage.  He has faced some  adversity in his short life of ten years, and been very brave.  His middle name is Enoch, from the Bible, which means dedicated.  There are three Enochs in the Bible, the third one is the one I associate with my grand-son Tristen.  He is the son of Jared, of the line of Seth, third son of Adam and Eve, Genesis 5:19.  It is this Enoch who famously, walked with God.   Fuerst's Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon To The Old Testament gives additional meanings of imprint, pierce into, instruct, and make wise. Derivatives are hanik (hanik) trained servant (Genesis 14:14); hanukka (hanukka), dedication (Psalm 30:title). The noun is also the name Hanukkah, the celebrated Feast Of Dedication (John 10:22)  My grand-son is only 10, but already he walks with God, and already I see his dedication to God.  I believe that is due to the fact that he has faced adversity, and he already as a child has such a heart for God.  So many people love him so deeply, and have pointed him toward the Lord.  His dad would do anything for him, and just like in the Bible his name is Jared.  He admires the character of his son, as so many adults and children do. 

Tristen got this play set of "the whole armor of God" for Christmas from wonderful Christian friends.

I remember when Tristen decided that he wished to make a formal profession of his faith in Jesus Christ.  Randy was leaving for Afghanistan in April of 2009, and in March we were on our way to the VFW meeting in Bellville, Texas and Tristen and his sisters were riding with me, and Randy and our son Brian were in the other car.  Tristen was asking all kinds of questions about where Randy would be, and what he would be doing.  Then he paused and  asked, "Nana how are we going to keep Papa Randy from getting killed in that war?"  He was seven then.  The answer came pretty easily for me.  I told him we couldn't, but that we could pray and ask the Keeper of the Stars to protect him.  He told me he really didn't know how to pray.  I explained that prayer was just conversation with God, just talking to Him and telling Him or asking him for whatever we wanted to.  He kept insisting that he didn't know how, and then I heard the real reason for the hesitance in his praying.  In that sweet innocence that is a child's, when I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus into his heart he replied, "No, and I would like to get that taken care of." I listened and heard as earnest a prayer as I have ever heard, as he sought to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have watched Tristen live, in the more than three years since then, and his life is a testimony to the reality of that profession of faith.  While he was visiting this past week-end, I noticed at one point that he appeared extremely troubled.  As I often do with him, and he does with me, like good friends will do, I asked him what was wrong.  He answered "nothing," which he and I both knew really wasn't the truth.  So I went to him, hugged him close, (he is of the age that he still lets me do that whenever I want or need to,) and my love for him pulled a new answer out.  He said, "I can't tell you, it is too terrible."  I spent several minutes trying to persuade him he would feel better when he told me, and that he knew I would never tell anyone if he didn't want me to.  He said "you will be mad."  The tears were flowing by now and he was trembling as I told him, that I could see his distress, and I certainly would not be mad.  By now he was sobbing.  I told him, "well if can't tell me Tristen, tell the Lord."  He sobbed, "He can't do anything about it either, it's already done now, no one can help."  I told him as  much as I love him, God loves him more, and He already knew what he had done, and God could fix anything.  That did it, he blurted out in dsitress, "Nana, I stepped on a frog and killed it and it wasn't an accident."   As I sighed as quietly as I could, I told him that God loved him and all he had to do was ask forgiveness.  He was so distressed that he kept on saying, "there is nothing God can do, that frog is dead."  I had to explain to him again, that with God nothing is impossible.

One of the children's favorite activities on summer evening is to catch the little toads that come out at night to eat bugs.  They are always gentle, and it is a catch and release kind of event.  Tristen loves all animals and creatures and is is gentle and loving with them.  At Christmas he caught a lizard at the ranch, got a terrarium and the lizard continues to live happily ever after with him.  I have had to advise him that lizards do not live a long time, and he will have to understand that his lizard is a short term pet, for I foresee a bit of sadness coming with this little creature of God that has brought so much pleasure to Tristen whole family.

So as I tried to comfort him by telling how important he was to God, and that God had taught him a valuable lesson with the  little frog, and that the frog had a good and purposeful life.  I told him of the two sparrows sold for a farthing, and yet how God says he is worth so  much more than many sparrows... or frogs.  As I explained that God could nake frogs all day long, or even bring the one back to life he a killed,I asked how I could help him make this better.  He told me he wanted to bury the frog, so we got the headlamp and went out to bury the frog.
  He got a shovel from the barn, and we went to the far of the barn where the frogs, (actually the are toads,) congregate under the guard light every night.  Tristen could not find the dead frog.  He said, "Nana, I left it right here!  Do you think he got eaten by a snake?"  I told him that snakes only eat live food.  He said, "Maybe one of the cats got it."  There were none around, as they were all sitting on the steps with the girls, and had been since before we came outside after our discussion.  We looked high and low... I hesitated, and then suggested, "You know, as I told you, nothing is impossible with God."  He looked at me and said, "That isn't it Nana."  He insisted on continuing the search for awhile.  Finally he just dug a hole in one of my flower beds, then covered it, and finally took wooden sticks from the craft box and made a cross for the grave.

The rest of the evening every once in awhile he would look at me, and without exchanging a word, we would both wonder about Tristen's frog. I am still pondering if somewhere on the ranch now, there hops a little toad, resurrected by The Living  God to ease the aching heart of a child who loves Him so.  What do you think?

It Doesn't Matter What Language You Speak, You Will Enjoy This Beautiful Piece of Music!h

Monday, August 6, 2012

For of Such is the Kingdom of God.

I love photographs, truly one picture can be worth a thousand words, Al Hassan H. Fahmi, of Baghdad, Iraq took this one. Last Tuesday, a week ago, as a group of children from St. George Church, Baghdad, Iraq, were on their way by bus to church for their communion classes, a suicide bomber left this world for the next as their bus passed.  He was Taliban of Al Qaeda, and the purpose of this bombing is believed to have been an effort to free Taliban members held prisoner in a nearby Iraqi jail.  As the children later related the story to their pastor and our dear friend, Brother Andrew White, they told him that they began singing and praying, because God had delivered and protected them from the blast.  These children know well the explosions of violence which occur daily in Iraq.  In their lifetimes all they have ever known is war.  They were born during war, and its horrors and its thefts of security and peace are constant companions to them and everyone else in Iraq.  Yet the faith in Jesus Christ of these children did not leave them crying and screaming at the death and injuries around them, but because of  their faith, they remained calm as the bus sped on, trying to escape the danger.

They had not escaped at that point however, and another huge blast shook the bus, blowing out all the windows and badly damaging the bus.  Here is Brother Andrew's account of what happened:

From Baghdad, Canon White
Terrible Bomb Blast of Our Children’s Bus and They're  All Alive

Dear Friends,

We are used to of bad days but today it has been in a different league. Central to our work and ministry here are our children. One of the biggest services of the year is when some of our children have there first communion. This service at the end of August. The children prepare everyday with
about two hours of sessions. They all come to church in our bus and are then taken home.

As they were on their way home today they were caught up in a major bomb. The bus was not too badly damaged and it continued it journey. All of children started singing the Lords Prayer. As they were in the midst of their prayer a huge bomb exploded. All the glass of the windows shattered, people fell to the floor injured and one of the teachers was in a very bad way. They were all taken to hospital but were all discharged as none of them had life threatening illnesses. In a normal country there is no way that some of the teachers would have been discharged. One person was hardly breathing and in profound shock. She was brought to the church and I looked after her until she was more stable. Only then could I leave to visit all the children.

It was wonderful seeing all the children. Despite their injuries they were all smiling, their parents were not some were in floods of tears on learning what happened. The fact is that today was miraculous. When you see the state of the bus it is simply a major miracle that nobody died or was more seriously injured. The children knew quite clearly why, they just kept telling me that they were alright because they were praying and G-d was with them and He was.

Many tears were shed and there are huge things still to do and there are people who still need treatment. Please pray for us as we try and recover from another trauma.

Grace, Peace, and Blessings,

While they were badly shaken, and of course needed comfort, they are doing very well now.  A couple of days later, Brother Andrew posted the picture at this link, and I have not been able to escape its captivating message, you won't be either...
I wrote the following poem in tribute to these amazing children, and God's power and glory! 

For of Such is the Kingdom of God

The picture I see shows them smiling and beguiling, love and peace is seen in each eye.
Some would not understand how it can be that these beautiful children do not cry.

Death brushed by these happy young faithful, and from the crowd took nineteen.
Enemies within had brought death, and until the destruction, had remained unseen.

With the first blast of violence, in the bus they began sweetly to pray and sing,
Like Paul when he was in prison in a hole in the ground, and God gave him wings.

Then came the second roaring blast, which left their bus shattered and damaged.
God’s guardian angels brought His protection, to these precious, no harm was managed.

God’s divine knowledge and understanding, we know our children does not always spare.
Even then in life wrecking grief, we know always the sure mercies of His love and care.

This time, while I do not comprehend what hidden wisdom has held back His hand,
I find such faith in their young lives, and inspiration, as they for Jesus take their stand.

This miracle reminds me of words spoken long ago to little children by the one who is My Rock.
When he said, “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, so fear not little flock.”

I sometimes worry about Brother Andrew, he travels the world seeking support for the Christians of St. George, they do not have an easy life.  At any moment their faith could cost them, or someone they love, their life.  You will find links on Brother Andrew's facebook page,  and the St. George's page where you can make your own pledge of support for the work in Iraq, and follow there what The Living God is doing in Iraq.  God's blessings will surely be yours if you keep these faithful in Iraq, especially these beautiful and courageous young Christians, in your prayers. 


Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Wrongs Must Be Made Right

To the Good Major

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
His death was shadowed in mystery.
The real story must be told for history.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
They say by his own hand his took his life.
It is said his heart was broken by his wife.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
This story has never made sense to me.
The facts I know tell me it could not be.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
Sometimes at night his soft whisper I hear.
Never at its sound do I know fear.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
Dark secrets this warrior carried to his grave.
Of failed leadership which made his soul rave.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
His story and truth I am pledged to uncover.
There are many truths  left to discover.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
 The wrong done to him no one will admit.
 If none else will help me still I will not quit.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
Only when justice comes will their tears dry.
His redemption will come from God on High.

I know where a good Soldier sleeps.
His family at his remembrance still weeps.
His death was shadowed in mystery.
The real story must be told for history.