From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm not saying which half should bear it in mind...

That is self explanatory. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 One some days, I hate technology!

I guess I did not verify my site right.  Oh well, perhaps you can watch Traveler eat his enemy in this version without the Google god intervening.



State of mankind got you down?  Watch this! 
Want a shot of pure joy?  Watch this!  







Of course you have to develop your fear factor, reputation as a tough guy is soooo important.

 Would not want to meet him in a dark alley. 

 Randy taught him everything he knows!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Would I Be Willing

Would I be willing a second time to do it all over again,
Knowing what I know now, but I did not back then? 

Would I be willing to place my hand over my heart in front of the bandstand,
Knowing what I do now of things commanders without honor can so carelessly demand?

Would I be willing to hear the questions of our children and to look into their eyes,
Knowing what I do now, just how would I answer the pleas and their cries?

Would I be willing to spend nights alone thinking of the threat the enemy would wield,
Knowing what I do now of how many would take their own lives after the battlefield?

Would I be willing to see him brought off the plane on the gurney,
Knowing what I do now, would I still agree to make this journey?

Would I be willing to hold back tears, and kiss him goodbye with a smile,
Knowing what I do now of the horrors of PTSD mile after mile?

Would I be willing to roll him again and again down the VA corridors,
Knowing what I do now about all it means to be a Wounded Warrior?

Would I be willing to hear the bugler play Taps, and to accept the folded flag in my hand,
Knowing what I do now of how this endeavor was lacking in a wise and committed plan?

Would I be willing a second time to do it all over again,
Knowing what I do now, but I did not back then? 

Two more Soldiers gave their lives last week in a war in Afghanistan that we have declared is over.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


The sun is shining, and I hope it stays that way for a few days.  Feeding the animals and getting the work done at the ranch is difficult when there is this much water. 

You know you've had too much rain when your ducks are swimming in the woods.



Now is that a cute squirrel or what?

Friday, October 18, 2013


I never ask anyone but God for money, or urge that money be given to causes, but this morning I am certain God wants me to share this message.  I am led by the Lord to support only a very short list of  "causes."  We place the dollars God has made us stewards of only where we know they directly make provision for His Kingdom. I am making provision this morning from the monies God has made for the use of Randy and I.  We regularly support this work, but this morning there is great need in Iraq. You will not hear in main stream media of the violence and death in Iraq today, but thousands have died, and are dying.  Many will urge you not to care, tell you "they've been killing one another for thousands of years," but many of the people of the church at St. George's are the remnant of the church established at Nineveh, so long ago when Jonah protested before God that they were not worthy. They are running out of food,  from the banks which the church provides food for the people of Iraq, Father God, call to the hearts of Your people. 

When Brother Andrew goes out to minister to his congregation he must take body guards, in fact body guards must accompany him everywhere, but still he goes, for the Lord goes before him.  Even when he visits the children of his congregation, guards must be in attendance.  

Follow this link to make contribution to this ministry to the most needy of Iraq. 

Thank you Father for provision for these you love. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013




Soldiers are tough!  They will do what they have to do!  Eat what they have to eat!  Sleep where the have to sleep!  But man, GI Joe and Traveler are tired of doing their own mechanic work!

So many ordinary Americans found themselves frustrated at bearing the load of the government shutdown, our elite troops were no exception!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Looking for something to do tonight, Traveler and I watched the movie, The Green Mile.  He was star struck with that mouse, and started insisting he was going to join the circus.  After a little practice he realized that he just doesn't have the natural skills, got a little frustrated, but then started considering other options.  Have I mentioned my husband has been deployed for four and a half years???

There is always college...

Monday, October 14, 2013


I just don't like going places by myself.  So I have tended to hang around the house on Sunday night....and play poker.... with a squirrel.... 



You may have heard on the news that South Texas has had a little rain.  That is putting it mildly.  We received over nine inches overnight at my house, and this has caused some problems, and if it had not been for my best friend, Brenda Orr, it would have caused a tragedy.

I had a long night, because Ginger, our dog, is terrified of lightning and thunder, and we had significant lightning and thunder.  She whined and insisted that my arm be over the edge of the bed touching her all night long.  I slept in a bit, and then around nine o'clock my girlfriend called talking about how the water was rising in town, and threatening some homes.

I had not thought of flooding possibilities as I comforted Ginger through the night, but after Brenda's call I went to the door to check things.  When I opened the door, I panicked!  As I looked across the property, water was everywhere, and deep.  Then I noticed the pen that I keep Rocket, our little miniature goat in had at least two feet of water in it from one end to the other, and I could not see Rocket.  

I ran barefoot in my nightgown down to the pen, and as I approached I thought I saw her floating at the deepest end.  Panic and soul pain flooded me.  Rocket has been a sweet and loving companion, and I adore her.  I struggled with the chain on the pen, and finally got it open, and as I waded toward the end of the pen she made a pitiful little bleat from her house.  She was in the house up to herchin in the water.

She was shivering uncontrollably, and could not move to come to me.  I went into the structure and carried her out and back to the porch.  Then I took her to the bathroom and warmed her as I blew her dry with the hair dryer.  She was so grateful, and so was I that Brenda had called the water kept rising, and within fifteen minutes or so, it was above the roof line of her little house. 

She would not have survived another
 ten minutes, and I would have lost a 
dear little friend.  It came to me once 
again what careful care the Lord 
takes of me, and then how he makes 
a way to demonstrate to me it was by 
His hand that the grace came.  I would have been devastated.  Rocket spent the rest of the day dry on the porch, eating my potted plants.

This incident reminded me of the story in the Bible of Moses, and the release from captivity of the Jewish nation from the Egyptians.  When Moses went to the Pharaoh,  he would not at first listen, then he would relent.  In fact this happened several times as God would through various plagues demonstrate to the Pharaoh His resolve to have his people set free.  One would wonder why at each demonstration of God's power, the Pharaoh would at first refuse, then relent, and then change his mind again.  That would be a good time to note the little phrase "but God hardened the Pharaoh's heart," each time, and he would relent.  You might wonder why God would harden the Pharaoh's heart, cause him to change his mind, and why God in His Word would make note of that.

All of our structures here at the ranch have carefully been constructed above the flood plane.  I rode a back-hoe for  hours moving dirt and building a pad for their foundations.

We also have very good flood insurance, we have made provision for catastrophe, but I had not considered the possibility of the tragedy that almost happened.  If God had not prompted Brenda's heart, I would have lost a dear friend, and been very grieved.  God wanted the people of Israel to know that it was not the generosity or kindness of the Pharaoh that was the reason for their release, but His Almighty Hand.  I know yesterday morning I was certain of the fact when I heard Rocket call to me from her little house.


Some time back, I had the chance privilege of meeting and coming to love as dear friends the widow and children of one of Afghanistan's finest sons, Mohammed Daud Daud.  He was assassinated by vile men on May 28, 2011, but when a man of this statue is killed by his enemies, the enemies are the ones who fail.  For those among us who live in the knowledge of the honor and courage of the man who stood firmly until the end for those he loved and the highest ideals of humanity, he only shines brighter, his words are remembered even more vividly, and what he stood for is lifted higher, when the enemy destroys.

 So it is with General Daud, whose life and ideals live on, only being etched in the minds and hearts of the people of Afghanistan and the world more deeply.  His life calls more clearly to those left behind, especially the youth of Afghanistan, urging that they live above the common man.  His life calls to all and urges significant living, devotion to honor, and bravery to face evil, never flinching.

In a world so hungry for the examples of lives spent in such meaningful living, that their light shines on, even in death and beyond, Mohammed Daud Daud remains a light on a hill.  The truth of his life remains to inspire, make hearts brave, and strengthen the resolve of those who would follow his example.

As I woke this morning, my mind was on his widow and children, and I considered how much they mean to me, and how fortunate I am to have come to know them and of the life of Mohammed Daud Daud.  With this consideration, came a sense of my own responsibility concerning this blessing.  It is not right that I know what I have learned from the lives of he and his family, without doing my best to share the light in which he lived, and they do still.  So I am recording and sharing his story for those in my own sphere of influence, and I trust it will further the influence of such a life so well lived.  This day, the life of Mohammed Daud Daud will spur me to higher living, to greater commitment, and to more diligence toward the things which are really important at the end of the day.  I am going to record stories of his life, as told to me by the woman he so deeply loved and cherished, in the days ahead in this blog, knowing that whoever finds them will be inspired to greater living.  As always, in my prayers I will ask for the strengthening and care of the family he left behind.  

I can think of no better place to start than with these words:

"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly."

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Traveler, our baby rescue squirrel is now a young man... I mean young squirrel.  He took so well to being a rescue squirrel, in fact, he greatly enjoys living in the four foot by two foot, six feet tall habitat on rolling wheels that I made for him.  The times he is allowed to be out and about in the house, (he trained to a liter box in less than an hour,) are his favorite times of the day. So before we knew it, he had sort of lost his own identity.  We decided it would be in his best interest to learn that he is adopted.  It just didn't go that well..  Maybe we should have told him when he was younger.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Father Works From Sun to Sun, but a Squirrel's Work is Never Done

Neither is mine when a squirrel is helping!  See my You Tube Video below.

But you have got to admit, he's cute!

Newly Declassified Special Forces Video With Access Exclusively Here!

We have been careful not to let this out, but have decided perhaps it would reach the enemy and be a deterrent, therefore we are releasing it..  Mice have been over running the ranch since the coyotes or some other such bad guy in the woods decided one night that the barn cats were a buffet.  While the new kittens have given it there best efforts, they are just too young and inexperienced to take care of this stealthy enemy stalking in the kitchen.  So Traveler is in training to take care of this evil in the night!  I must say, he is looking impressive! The enemy may run, but it cannot hide deep enough!

He's coming for you!


Remember me telling you about the little squirrel that was given to us while we were in Branson, Missouri?  We were in Forever Grand Vacations doing some business, and a young woman had this little baby squirrel she had rescued, and could not keep him, so she was looking for a new "rescuer."  His name is Traveler, and he is growing like the proverbial little weed, and his personality is getting cuter every day too!  He has become very attached to us, and he loves to play like a kitten.  In this little video he is up and raring to go early in the morning.  He has been chasing the broom as I sweep the den, and so I set down to play with him awhile on the sofa.  (He is trained to a liter box already.)  

He boxes my hand, plays with my fingers, kinda gets tired and sleepy again as I pet him some.  Then he decides I need a bath and some grooming help.  He patiently takes his tiny little tongue and cleans my hand.  Shortly after that he gets sleepy and curls up for a nap, and I put him back in his little habitat, although he would much prefer to sleep in my lap.  He really is adorable, wait until you see him playing with the cat toy, a little mouse on an elastic string which he boxes and bites at.  That will be my next video of him, but for now, Traveler playing "awesome stalking beast of the jungle," and then giving me a manicure.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


My own come to Jesus meeting this week happened when I saw an article about death benefits for the families of our military service men and women being without funds due to the government shut down.  That was it for me.  In fragments, with isolated legislation, bits and pieces of the government are being restored.  The enemy is within.  I don't think that since the Civil War this country has been so divided.  it isn't so much we the common people, it is the dogmatic ideologists who are so committed to their agendas that they would force them on the country even at the cost of the union.  This is not a regional, ethnic, nor place in society division, it is an ideology division without borders or boundaries.  Across the country, on any given block their are proponents of both position, albeit there seem to be more against the health insurance issue which appears to be at the core what the current train wreck is about.  Sadly there are many more citizens of our without a dog in this hunt than there are on the polarized ends, and hence comes the enemy... It is complacency by too many Americans who are too involved in their own lives to make it to the poles to vote.  Obviously fewer of us were looking for change than expressed themselves at our designated voting locations.  The only ones voting are those with rock solid ideas about given subjects and agendas, and to them the other side is completely wrong, and I have read their posts here and their, they want them run out of the country, executed for treason and war crimes.  They may not be willing to die for their ideals, but certainly they are willing to vote for them.

Those we sent to Washington are being faithful to those who brought them to the dance, now we have a melt down of the glue that has always held this nation together, and I can just see the vultures circling overhead.  Before the world, we stand exposed as incapable of running our own country, while the world looks to us as the leaders of liberty and justice for all.  That makes good governments really uneasy and milling around without leadership.  It makes bad governments panic, where will the out stretched hand which is never empty come from?  Vile governments lick their chops at the possibilities of the situation.

I have done a lot of reading yesterday and early this morning, to try and figure out what the true problem is, not just what the popular news outlets tell us it is, because of course, those avenues of journalism are nothing but the prostitutes of profit for the entertainment industry.

Here is what I have gleaned out of it all:

1.  President Obama came duly elected to Washington with his personal "signature" political goal being affordable health care for all.  Now certainly that is a noble goal. 

2.  A problems for many arose when he master minded a program that is so vast and massive in it's change of American health care, that to this day, I don't think a living soul has read the entire document, or is completely aware of all the rules and tidbits of law that have been enacted.

3.  There was so much opposition to this legislation that legal challenges were take to the Supreme Court, where the health care bill was upheld.

5.  The elected officials whose constituency, along with many other Americans, oppose these changes  believe this plan will economically bankrupt the country and not work in practice to provide health care, and they lack the voting power to appeal and override a presidential veto.

6.  Being resourceful, the elected officials who oppose this legislation attached amendments to legislation funding of government operations, thus setting up an  O.K. Corral situation, and both sides are holding hostages. The left holds political voting power, the right, government funding power, and they have drawn down on one another, each holding their hostage as a shield against defeat of their aims.

7.  The problem is there are no identified true bad guys and good guys.  What these politician don't seem to understand is that they all work as servants of the people, and not just those who voted for them, all the people in their districts.  That seems not to be happening.  Not one of those involved in this showdown have even fluttered an eyelash, much less blinked.  They are just standing silent in the hot sun, guns drawn, life and death, (yours and mine,) in the balance, and the will to be there until their terms are met.

So there you have it.  My work on identifying the problem.  I am going to have to do some more thinking to come up with which actions will spare us all, because there are a lot of voices about that too, so many it is hard to pick out the voice of reason from the crowd.  I know the problem begins and ends in one word, complacency.