From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Those Viking Warriors

  Dedicated to Lt. Brian Sorensen, the Royal Danish Navy, and his Band of Brothers 

Last Light
The gunfire is over, the rockets are silent, and once again rule has returned.
Innocents are safe, the fires are out, and now nothing else burns.
The wounded have been borne to the medical shelter for needed care.
Stories have been exchanged of exactly what happened there.

Then steals the pain that they have sustained great loss.
The battle was won, but oh at such a great cost.
Their brother will never again stand to their right
His weapons forever are laid down, and no more will he fight.

Hearts of the brave reel with unseen wounds that cause great pain.
As the sun sets that evening they remember where they found him lain.
His soul, his voice, his laughter, are no longer held in this world.
The flag at half mast signals toward heaven they’ve been hurled.

As the last of the rays which illuminate this their temporary home,
Sink in the distance they chill each silent Soldier to the bone.
Then a final diamond bright light touches the flag pole in farewell.
Signaling to each that forever the memory of his life will be held.


          True Intent

The picture finds them crouched in the dirt of foreign soil,
Many a mile they have walked in the heat, and still on they have toiled.

An enemy dark and sinister, with evil intent they do hunt,
And then with deadly force they valiantly confront.

Fierce and foreboding in their equipment and gear,
Lethal to the threat of the enemy, they instill a chilling fear.

The civilians who watch have little reference to these Soldier’s intent,
Only having known the tyrant’s agenda to give them hint.

For wives and mothers, sisters and brothers, they have left home,
The mountains of this foreign country to roam,

In search of a threat which leaves the freedom of the whole world at stake.
Their duty and mission they will never forsake.

But now they provide protection for someone inside their human wall.
In the tracking of the enemy, they witness an innocent victim fall.

The wicked explosive device of the cruel terrorist’s hand,
Brings out the true heart and purpose of this warrior band.

Not only do they stand for those they left behind,
Their lives they risk yet again for the good of all mankind.

This stranger, of another nation, lies wounded and exposed,
Testimony is given by their huddled bodies that they are true heroes.

God keeps account of how each individual’s life is spent.
And at the end will reveal each person’s heart and true intent.

He has foreshadowed His words concerning these, the valiant,
When He said, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

June 2010