From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How Lovely the German People Are

I have met so many lovely people since I arrived in Germany!  The neighbors come to our house to welcome us to the neighborhood, the people at church make the effort to speak with us in English, and even the people I meet in the shopping centers are smiling and friendly.  Of course Chance is our own little Ambassador, making friends wherever he goes.  He has become so social, wanting to warm up to everyone, and make friends.

This morning our landlord visited, what a gracious and delightful person she is.  She brought gifts, told me some of the history of the house we are living in, and met with her architect and his associate, also both very gracious, concerning a problem in one of the basement rooms.  

We shared coffee and a fresh red velvet cake with butter pecan cream cheese icing.  It was such an enjoyable time with new German friends.