From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Promise That Lies In the Next Generation

The anniversary on the 9th of this month of our son’s beloved mother, Margaret Jewel Moody, passing from this world to her reward caused me to reflect on the lives of both Brian and Rebecca his sister. When our son arrived from Georgia as a sophomore, he had left the only home he had ever lived in, and moved several states away into his now main home here in Texas. What a culture shock it must have been! From a suburb of Atlanta, to a rather remote rural residence in Austin County, Texas, located between Bellville, population 3,424, and Sealy, population 4,582. Of course the LeCompte’s real address is Austin County, Texas, and specifically Soldiers Heart Ranch lies directly under heaven. I laughed with Brian at the college professor who teaches one of the advanced dual credit classes he is in at his high school, when as he was lecturing, his gaze locked on something outside the classroom window. He paused and remarked, I believe that is the only herd of cattle I have ever seen directly outside a classroom.

It has not been easy, Margaret Jewel adored her children, and everyone knew it, especially them. What a gift from God to have a loving and adoring mother, and daily her instruction and care. Her children were her focus, and not until they were past childhood did she seek a career outside her home, for their care was her life. She brought laughter and fun and the practice of living in joy as a life long habit to their lives.

So, Brian facing quietly a huge burden of grief, packed up, told his life long friends he would be back often to visit, and he made his way to Texas in a van his dad had rented for the move. They drove cross country, and as they traveled Brian gave that learner’s permit driver’s license a real work out, and father and son laughed and joked their way across the country. They both have an excellent sense of humor, and they like to practice it. Both of them are also highly intelligent, and I love listening to that part of the exchange of their barbs and 8th grade boy jokes. I have noted in life that boys and men do not hug as much as women, but rather they insert the very personal touch of wrestling in their relationship. It is their disguise for their need to touch each other in affection, and it is really hard on the furniture as they grow. Despite the very clear thumb print of his mother, I also see clearly his father. They are birds of a feather. A natural born leadership ability is one of each of their most visible characteristics, and their love of adventure and travel will be one of the ways they are most remembered.

Another way Brian is like his entire family is his intelligence, but I must agree with his father, there lies in him the potential to achieve even more than any of them. His intelligence is a bit scary to me, who doesn’t have to study calculus to make 110 for a semester average, that just isn’t natural? However I did hang that beautiful certificate with the accompanying gold charm he received, the coveted “B” Award in Pre AP Calculus, prominently in the den among his father’s awards. I think I may have to get a bigger den, I see a long line of awards headed this way. His national honor society membership, and Academic Excellence Award have a place as well, and that covers only the past year, so I will have to take down pieces of art and replace them with the upcoming awards.

Then I see emerging that will of iron his father possesses. I am noting when Brian decides to do something, just stand aside, give him room, and watch him do it. When he moved to Texas he had led a more sedentary life, participating in the traditional life of boys that age, which is conquering the world through video games. When he moved here the high school social life seemed to take front and center stage. He decided last January he was going to shed excess weight, and that is exactly what he did... over 50 pounds so far. He accomplished that by will power alone, working out at the gym, and taking up a passion of his father’s, running. I know ladies, but he has youth and the metabolism of a man on his side, sigh, some things I will need to ask the Lord about when I get to heaven, to quote a Marine I know.

Brian is very likable, tells a great joke and makes me laugh. So many times while his father has been deployed, different challenges would cause me to begin sinking under the weight of my own personal sacrifice. That loving nature both of his parents endowed him with would kick in and a dog and pony show so bright and shiny would rev up, and I would soon forget the low place I was in. I truly do not know what I would have done without him through this.

While last year it could not really be said he was a man, still when he would spend the night with a friend, I could not sleep well, constantly listening for any threat. When his father sleeps beside me, I sleep like a baby, not so much so for these past months. Loneliness for my husband and the knowledge of just how safe I am snuggled in his embrace starkly contrasts sleeping only with the stuffed Super Man doll he won for me at the Keema Boardwalk. Brian’s presence in the back bedroom of the house always makes me feel safer. He, like his dad and I both, is an excellent shot, and I see in him that Warrior capability. Together we would make a formidable threat to any unwanted intruder.

I have, with his mother from heaven’s window, the privilege of watching God in the process of the development and implementation of a courageous man of honor and integrity, a true son of the Living God, as I watch Brian swiftly moving into manhood. Both of us, his father, sister, a great pair of grand-parents, and a host of other friends and family will soon see the end product, because Brian’s heart and soul clearly belong to the Lord. One of the most comforting and soothing things of my life right now is to hear Brian read to me out loud from the Bible as I work in the kitchen. I can hear mothers everywhere drawing their breath in at the thought of that. Yes, I think that gives hint of a direction of leading in his life, but we shall see, as I watch one of the mighty men of valor in my life move into manhood and service before our God. I humbly offer thanks to God this morning for the privilege of watching the making of the man.