From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just to Make Each Veteran Aware of Our Offered Hospitality

When my husband and I first found this little ranch in Texas, we knew we were supposed to live here, and to share this rural home with other military and their families.  We are approaching our fifth wedding anniversary, and words from one of the songs our daughter Rebecca sang at our wedding,"The Warrior is a Child," are painted on a large blue heart with gold stars hanging on the gate.  The words by Twila Paris are, "even a Soldier needs a quiet place to rest."  The speaks of how those serving in the military need to know that God knows of their service and all that it requires.  God has always loved and valued Soldiers in a special way.  I love all the Old Testament references to The Mighty Men of Valor, and of course to David being "a man after God's own heart."  I believe this is true of God because of a special "willingness" I wrote of in one of my earlier blogs.

We love sharing our home and the three little cabins here with others, and all military and their families can be our guests at no cost.  We aren't fancy, we live in a humble place, whose greatest asset is God's own beauty and design in a rural setting.  The wild life here is incredible, and deer and dove hunting are available as well as fishing in our well stocked pond.

The proceeds from our Bed and Breakfast operation for the general public support our hospitality to the military.  The no cost stay applies to those who no longer serve, but who have served any time during The War on Terror as well.  Later this evening I will post new updated pictures of our little ranch and the animals who live here with us.  Of course you should not forget my cooking is legendary...

Call us at 979-865-8919, or 832-385-0798 for your reservations, like the old commercial I loved use to say, "we'll leave the porch light on for you."