From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, June 2, 2011

If in This Economy You Are Looking For a Job...

Here's some great tips passed on by the Ft. Benning Warrior Transition Unit to Soldiers and others changing jobs or careers...

 Interview Tips

So, you've got the interview! Here are some basic tips on succeeding in a job interview:

1.      Google the company and visit the company's website to fully research the company before the interview.
2.      Check what is the range of salary for your industry and job title. (Try or

3.      Dress smartly or smart casually depending on the type of company and position you applied for.

4.      Avoid cancelling an interview; arrive on time.

5.      Turn your cell phone off.

6.      Be nice to everyone - receptionist secretary and anyone else you meet. They'll talk and influence!

7.      Shake hands firmly.

8.      Be yourself; don't show anxiety; act self-assured and with confidence.

9.      Have an appropriate, job-related short answer to "Tell me about yourself."

10.     Don't interrupt the interviewer. Don't monopolize the interview or bore the interviewer with too much unnecessary information.

11.     Be ready to address the question of why you are leaving/have left your former company.

12.     Ask the question "what happened to the person who was formerly in this job?"

13.     If you are interviewing with someone who will be your boss, as her/him "what is your management style and what is the organization's culture?"

14.     Always let the interviewer bring up the salary thing.

15.     If they ask you what salary you are looking for, hedge. Ask them what range is the job paying. If they say $60,000 to $65,000, you can say, 'I was really looking for $65,000 to 75,000"

16.     Discuss job advancement opportunities within the company.

17.     At the end of the interview, ask "when and how would you like me to follow up?"

18.     Send a thank you note a couple of days after the interview.