From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes I Connect With the Most Amazing People

Many of the people serving in our country's military represent all that is the best about our country.  Every day someone new comes into my life that leaves me astonished at the goodness that can be in people.  I would like to share two links to some of these astonishing people, who should make the rest of us soul search and earnestly ask God's help to meet the bar they set so high.

See this guys page on face book... send money, I am sure God will richly bless you.
The following is a copy of a post...

Randi Laird
For those of you that are new, We are Veteran Services Unlimited, Inc. We house brain damaged Combat Veterans and Terminally ill Vets. They are housed in a home not a flop house or VA facitlity. Donations may be made to: PayPal acct: or checks to VSU 4121 S. Georgia St., Amarillo, Texas 79110, C/O Citizens Bank. Thanks for all you do.
Some people just wake up every morning and live their lives in a way that is eternally significant.  They inspire me to endeavor to do the same.  What have you done today for a veteran...?  Considering what they have done for me, I must pledge anew to live, "above the common man." (MacArthur)