From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is the Work My Husband is Involved In, Iraq is Worth It

I had a good, bad, day today.  You know one of those days where not everything goes well, and you just give into a little self pity.  You are so blessed in life however, that before the end of the day, God turns your negative attitude into something very beautiful.  That is the kind of day I had.

I miss my husband so much, even though I know how important what he is doing is.  Since confession is good for the soul, I have to admit I spent a little time crying today, I just miss being in his presence.  He is kind, funny, smart, and very hard working, and it always uplifts everyone working around and with him .  His life is inspirational, and he tends to bring out the best in others, to spark in them a desire to excel in their own lives and endeavors, and to "be all they can be." 

Don't get me wrong, I, better than anyone, know he isn't perfect because we have shared our minds that intimately.  You know, a naked mind is much more difficult than a naked anything else to share with another.  When two people can honestly know each others darkest failures, and still hold each other in the position of the highest regard of anyone in their lives, they have achieved an unbreakable relationship.  It will always sustain them both in all of life's darkest hours, and when a relationship with the Creator is glue that bonds them, an incredible thing occurs.  As the Bible says, "a three fold cord is not quickly broken." 

However, I want to be where he is, every minute of every day, always.  That isn't possible while he is doing this very important work in Iraq, but I signed on knowing exactly who my husband was, and what was required as his wife. Still... it is not an easy thing to be separated from the man I adore.  Whenever I start my little pity parties the Lord quietly whispers the words he gave me in a poem.  He gave them before I realized although Randy was retiring from the Army, God was not retiring him from service.  The words that God gave my heart when I thought he was coming home for good now haunt me whenever I start the little pity parties.


If there stood before me 1000 men,
Each of whose lives I had observed again and again.

If I had watched them closely at command,
Of Soldiers, equipment, and resources try to meet war’s great demands.

If I knew their lives, credentials, and previous work,
How they handled things, and I were privy to each little quirk.

If the fate of personal liberty, the freedom of us all,
Hung in the balance, and without the right leadership would forever fall.

If there would be before us, only one chance,
To meet in battle some terrible foe, and the art of war to dance.

If by the wisdom and expertise of only one man,
The defenses of our country would fail or stand.

If you, my love, stood among those men in their rows,
The one whom no other I have ever loved so.

If somehow it were my duty the right decision to deliver,
My mind could easily make the choice, but my heart would quiver.

If I knew the man I chose would never come home,
Could I give what it cost, the most valuable thing I own?

If in my decision, would the moral courage by which I have watched you live,
Empower me to do the right thing, and the sacrifice to give.

If as I considered all that lay in the balance, to me you would clearly state,
What your own choice would be and how you would face your fate.

If, as I know would happen, I knew who stood above the rest.
Could I, in selfishness, select the one who was second best?

If there stood before me 1000 men,
This I pray before God, that I never will know how it ends.

Our good friend, Cannon Andrew White has done much to educate both Randy and I as to the significance of Iraq in world history.  He also has begun to develop in us a love and respect for the beautiful people of Iraq.  While the world and every pondent voices their opinion on all that has gone on in Iraq, I think God has been the one in charge of everything that happened in Iraq.  In fact, I know He has.  I am certain of His love for the people of Iraq.  He has caused much to be given for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.  We, as the flawed people we are, think President Bush is responsible for the war in Iraq...  Not so, God chooses all kings, generals, presidents, and potentates of this world for His purposes alone, and He always knows exactly what He is doing.   Whether we can see it or not, His eternal purposes are moving forward precisely as He planned before He ever intended the atom and put any two of them together.  So read this article from the Huffington Post with a grain of salt, remembering it is written by a mere man, while The Living God in His wisdom really directs all that goes on in the universe anywhere.