From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful Photo of a Fallen Warrior

This organization is worth following and making donation to. 

You can find them on facebook, and follow their beautiful photos of the fallen.

Lonely Brides

Across the land tonight there are lovely and lonely brides.
They try, but their glistening tears they cannot hide.

War’s cold heart has taken their love to a foreign land.
And there he has fallen by the cruel enemy’s hand.

All the sweet promises that love had made,
Now are gone and their sparkling light has begun to fade.

In their place dark pain and regret now reside.
There is no place from their searing wounds to hide.

They were warriors who stood as protectors of our country.
A threat took them far across a gray and crashing sea.

Distant drums had played to each of them freedom’s song,
Called their hearts to go where violence from the enemy took the strong.

Those tears from young and beautiful eyes call out to me,
Because the preservation of my liberty is what caused this to be.

 Across the land tonight there are lovely and lonely brides.
It falls to me their glistening tears to brush aside.