From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From Iraq A Stolen Little Known Parable... Wink, Wink...

Jesus as he was wandering through the streets of Jerusalem decided that he really needed a new robe or two.   all of the travel and preaching had taken a tole on his wardrobe.  As he was looking around he spotted a sign at a shop which read Katzin the Tailor.  After being measured and fitted he ordered the new clothing.

When Jesus went back in and tried on the robe after it was finished, it was quiet attractive, very well made, and it fit perfectly!  He inquired of Kazin what he owed.  Humbly Katzin begged; "No, no, no, .... Sir for the Son of God, there is not a charge.  If I may only ask for a small favor... whenever you are on the mount, or in a boat, or speaking to the people God's truth, could you just mention your humble tailor by name?  Jesus smiled and agreed, for requests made in humility are valued by God.  From then on, where ever he spoke to the masses, he mentioned his Katzin Robe, and the tailor's name who made it.

Time passed and again Jesus found himself walking through the streets of jerusalem, there at Katzin's shop a huge line of customers were waiting to be fitted for a robe like Jesus wore.  Jesus walked through the crowd which parted before him, and as soon as his friend Katzin saw him he smiled and said "Jesus, jesus, look what you have done for my business!  I am so grateful, would you consider a partnership?"  The son of God is alwas interested in a partn rship, and he readily agreed, saying "Jesus and Katzin it is!"  Katzin hesitated, and said, "well Jesus, I was thinking more along the lines of Katzin and Jesus.  After all he said, I am the craftsman.”
There followed a long and spirited debate, and ultimately a nice little compromise was arrived at  which please both jesus and his tailor.  IN A MATTER OF DAYS, A NEW SIGN WENT UP OVER THE TAILOR SHOP OF KATZIN, and the rest is history!