From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Matter Where You Live, or What You Believe, They Are Coming for YOU!

I am publishing a link to a story that keeps me from sleeping.  This breaks my heart, and as difficult as it is to publish this, I have to, for the sake of us all.  Evil has boiled up from out of hell, and it is shaking it's fist in defiance of the entire world!  We must do all we can... prayer, and doing whatever God lies on your heart is not optional...  These Yizidi women and girls are growing too tired and brokenhearted to go on. 

The terrorists have given these women and girls their cell phones, and then  encouraged them to tell all the world what is happening to them.  Of course the reason this is being done is to strike fear in YOUR heart.  Their message is: they are coming for you, and you will embrace what they tell you to embrace, live as they tell you to live, or die...

As the young 17 year old girl expresses, many things are worse than death!