From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

People of Russia! I Have Urgent Communication for You!

I took a trip to Russia and Ukraine once, a medical mission, early on after the fall of communism in Russia. What a beautiful and rich land, filled with powerful and strong people... survivors of great oppression.  I observed so keenly their strength and courage,  their greatest assets.  I am praying for them this morning... and I have an urgent plea for them... 


Those air strikes being carried out in Syria are the calling cards of an increasingly aggressive Russian government... The Russian people need to wake up, smell the coffee, and take action concerning the leadership which is high jacking their country once again.  They need to examine the agendas of the power mongers, realize the effects their goals will have upon the good people of Russia, their children. for generations to come, and rise up against this admittedly dangerous situation. In doing so, they will surely be putting themselves personally at great risk  Leadership like this man is wielding... leaves dead bodies in its' wake.  Patriots of Mother Russia, rise up, your people need your lives and your fortunes pledged in sacrifice.... Your blood, I am afraid, will be required to depose this man who brings trouble to the whole world.  His agenda, though apparent, is much more detailed and planned than the world has knowledge of at this time, and it has evil intent at its' core!  He wishes to make once again the people of Russia subjects of their government, not the directors of it.

This has already gone too far for the electoral process of Russia to make a defense against!  Our own electoral process isn't the only one in shambles.  I have been to Russia... I know you are there, you patriots, lovers of your homeland, you are wonderful people...and I know there is a rising call upon your heart...  I know there is doubt, maybe some complicity, as you struggle to provide for families, and enjoy, as you should, your lives.   However, I must ask, if not you... then who...?  If not now, then when?  Do not fail to act before calamity overwhelms your country and its' people once again...  I offer this advice in such humility, and from a place of great admiration for each of you personally, and for your great people collectively.  Though I am just a humble wife, mother, and grand-mother, even I can see grave precipice before you... please... hear the calling of your true nation... Rise up, and take back her's and her people's destiny!

I recall being at a mass meeting in Russia, and hearing a choir of Russians sing...  it was the most mournful and moving sound I have ever heard....  It shook the ground and the air, it moved in power through me, and though I did not understand a word of the music, the meaning, the message, the sorrow of grief and hardship borne so long filled my soul.  Take courage, take hold, my heart is with you, and prayers before the Holy God, who loves you so.  The reason I went to Russia in the first place, was because I caught just a glimpse of how much the Creator loves you.  You are special in His heart, He desires that you not suffer again.  He will strengthen you, empower you, and give you endurance beyond what is humanely possible.  May His blessings, peace, and confidence reign in your personal lives today, and always.  I remember so many of your faces with such love and fondness.  Thank you once again for the incredible hospitality, welcome, and true friendship which you so generously and freely offered when I visited your amazing country.  I will never forget all you taught me.  I will never lose my admiration and respect for your great people.

One of my new favorite quotes on complicity which I picked up in communications with some very skilled and capable people with whom I have association, applies so aptly here...

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." 
Albert Einstein