From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What I Need is a Good Command Sergeant Major, or Wildflowers of Soldiers Heart Ranch

This horse is always giving me so much trouble, and she is a ring leader when it comes to the other horses getting in trouble, she will lead them astray every time...  The whole group is out of control!  My kingdom for a good command sergeant major!

I have spent the last three days trying to keep the horses in the pasture.  Once Blue learns a new "horse joke," like shoving the entire T-post fence over , she just plays it over and over.  Because of the kind of soil we have, every hoof print they make must be filled in by hand or you flat can't mow the grass, it tears up even a Troy-Bilt!  Not t o mention that she finds it amusing to clip off the tops of all of my landscape lights, and the sewer system sprayers, plus she loves geraniums as an appetizer.  The wind is blowing like a hurricane here, there is so much work I want to do to have everything beautiful when my husband comes home, and everything is still gray, and I need a horse whisper or some sort of mail influence, as I seem to have spoiled every one of the littl e buggers. 

I came in and reviewed my spring wild flower pictures from last spring in order to calm my frazzled nerves, and give me inspiration to "Soldier on!"  Decided to share them here as well, so you can click on the first one and see a preview of spring too, I am about tired of everything being gray, I need some green!  At first I could not figure out how to make the needed repairs and actually keep the horses in while I was doing so without killing my back.  Sometimes things seem to small to bother God about in prayer, but I was awake all night long last night trying to figure out how to fix the fence so they could not get out, and I had to stay home from church to try and effect repairs before Blue and her "Band of Sisters," did some real damage. 

After talking with Randy from Iraq, it dawned on me a little prayer couldn't hurt.  I whined one to the Lord.  I walked out, immediately saw solutions I couldn't see before, and had them back in, and the fence fixed in 45 minutes...  I just smiled sheepishly and God, whispered thank You Father, and blew Him a kiss....   He smiled back while shaking His head.  Thought you too might enjoy a "pick-me-up" as we fight off the last of the cold weather and winter and enjoy looking at pictures of  His handiwork last year.