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From the Ranch

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Debra LeCompte They have cut the military pay for Reservists and the National Guard, including those serving in combat in half ... I wrote my congressman.....
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            Debra LeCompte Dear Sir,
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            Debra LeCompte
            Some of my bills are going to get paid late this month, that will incur late charges. I really don't know when they will be paid... there are clowns running this country, who did not cut their own pay, but cut my husband's. He is trying to come home from Ft. Benning, Georgia after out processing from the Army after 30 years of faithful service. He is an honor graduate of West Point, the Army War College, and he has spent the last two years in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am certain there will not be funds to fly him back to Texas... He received half pay... There are young families who will go without food... diapers... and the late fees that accumulate will put them hopelessly behind.

            I was in front of Tony's in Sealy and heard you speak, you were late by the way, I didn't hear you mention cutting the military's pay in half in order to pressure the democrats. As I understand it, you did not cut your own pay... Would it have been too great a burden for your family to have your pay cut in half?

            Soldiers will die today, and their families will be struggling through the paper work and bureaucracy involving their benefits while trying to get by on half pay...

            Shame on all of you... go to the house... I mean the one you live in, where your bills will not go unpaid, and don't come back.

            Never With More Sincerity,

            Debra LeCompte
            Proud Army Wife... Still...
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            Amanda Hayden ditto on the clowns.... need to re-write the song to "send out the clowns..."
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            Debra LeCompte If they had cut their own pay.... I could have struggled by without such bitterness...
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            Debra LeCompte I know that favors will be done across the board for their staffs....
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            Debra LeCompte Those congressmen will not allow them to go unpaid...
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            Judy Lott So sorry, my dear friend, praying for you and for our country.
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            Heather Campbell you and me both this is no good
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            Debra LeCompte Heather... we are fine, Randy will have to go back to work at BAE without any time at home, but it is those families whose loved one is theater.
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            Debra LeCompte Those without any kind of rank, doing the most difficult of those combat missions... There are some suffering PTSD right now... barely hanging in there.... still trying to do a job so few are willing to do...
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            Debra LeCompte This will push them over the edge.
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            Debra LeCompte They will take their lives in despair.
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            Debra LeCompte Those few Soldiers and their families bare the burden of freedom for so many... now they want us to pay the bills of the country.
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            Debra LeCompte It is just a loan of course.... let us all remain calm, they are going to pay us back... Personally, we are not in the banking business...
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            Debra LeCompte My husband is still a Soldier for a living... we don't have the money to loan the government to pay it's bills... Is that Soldier in Afghanistan going to get to take this time off... work half days...?
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            Debra LeCompte No... they will die just like on any other day...
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            Debra LeCompte Judy, I appreciate all the support you have been, and please tell your husband for me, 'Thank you for your service," again. I know he is paying a debt still from agent orange. Shame on this government....
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            Bruce Bradley Congress Monkeys rather than congressmen. Every congressman should do two terms... one in congress and one in prison.
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            Bruce Bradley As we used to say in 1971, "It's not just an adventure, it's 14 cents an hour." Thank your husband for his service to our country.
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            Debra LeCompte Bruce Bradley, I am shocked! Don't you know it isn't politically acceptable to tell the truth? People frown on that.
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            Debra LeCompte And you are appreciated in saying that. It makes the job easier.
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            Debra LeCompte I know my husband always appreciates it.
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            Bruce Bradley No generation of veterans will ever desert another again!
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            Craig James Vets are being held hostage over funding Planned Parenthood which is just a euphemism for baby killing. Ironically the same same jerks who want Planned Parenthood open to kill babies with my tax dollars are the same crowd that cried baby killer at our soldiers in Vietnam and as recently as Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess it's not the killing - it's who does it? Some lib needs to esplain it to me. I need one of these smartest people in the room to help out this dumb old conservative.
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            Joy Bramlett We still have "one Worlders" pulling the strings. I am outraged that our country {gov't} is abandoning our troops that our gov't has so abused them with all the cuts that's being made to them. I'm so sorry that it has come to this, but I do believe something like this: If it happens; it's been planned." There's just too much back door & secret meetings going on that
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            Debra LeCompte Bruce Bradley, thank God for men like you, and thank you for your service... I am of the generation that fought that war in good faith at the direction of this government... You know Sir, I have Vietnamese friends, citizens of this country, "boat people" then... When any family comes to know the freedoms and opportunities this country offers... and generations of their children, and their children's children inherit the right to live in it's light... Despite the government, great good comes to the world.
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            Debra LeCompte Thank you for enabling them to live in the light. Every young person I have ever met who is a child of one of these families values this country in a way that should shame every politician in Washington, and many of them serve. These people know the value of standing the wall.
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            Joy Bramlett
            Sorry, I hit the enter button. There's just too much back door & secret meetings taking place & they seem bent on destroying the most wonderful, generous, godly country on this planet. Debra, the bible says that troublesome times will come, but Jesus has overcome this world. He's our greatest hope! I do pray for our troops, especially now, since the Taliban & Al Qeida {sorry for the spelling} are laying low just waiting for our troops to be removed from their country & it will be the same civil war that got us in this mess. I do feel for those that are innocent that's being used as sheilds. You & your husband & thousands of our military have had to carry a heavy burden. I, for one, salute your steadfastness & outreach, Debra! These things must come to pass to fulfill the prophecies in Revelation. May the Lord keep you, yours & all of our troops safe!
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            Debra LeCompte And those who do.
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            Debra LeCompte Joy, that is the reason for JOY! However, we cannot complacently wait for redemption, we must diligently serve in whatever area we are called to serve, with a commitment "to the death." Wrong doing, injustice, lying, cheating, mis-direction must be fought to the end...
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            Debra LeCompte In order to preserve the ability to dispense truth and the knowledge of God's saving grace, glory, power, and unfathamable love.
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            Debra LeCompte The war was won 2000 years ago... however battles and skirmishes still require warriors...
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            Debra LeCompte Those who never lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.
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            Debra LeCompte And the true enemy always takes note of who the best warriors are...
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            Debra LeCompte And constantly endeavors to take them down.
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            Debra LeCompte We have to always stand and fight for God's perfect guiding principles, statutes, and most of all the spreading of the Good News...
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            Debra LeCompte He is Risen, Forgiveness is Available to All, His Love and Adoption into His Forever Family Available regardless of race, creed, or present beliefs or religious ideaoligy.
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            Debra LeCompte God is the one who invented and instituted disregard of any and all prejudice toward anyone.
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            Debra LeCompte God declares Himself to be no "respector of persons." No position or power held by anyone in this world sways God's views of right and wrong... if you align yourself on His side, you will never ere...
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            Debra LeCompte No culture, popularly held belief, socially accepted behavior by any group is of any importance to God... it is filthy rags...
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            Debra LeCompte His love and perfect and sufficient holy sacrifice, given in behalf of His desire to love and be loved by any, who in the right granted by Him of individual free will chooses to follow him, will prevail eternally.
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            Debra LeCompte I love C.S Lewis's quote... as you too point out, You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body. We will all exist somewhere forever. The only question or issue that matters is where.
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            Debra LeCompte At some point for each individual, that decision is sealed for eternity.
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            Debra LeCompte Knowing personally God's amazing love, with my every breath, I am compeled to tell this story... love in His name... live in the joy of this knowledge, and the daily provision from the Lord for Randy and I.
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            Debra LeCompte One of the greatest gifts of my life is my husband...
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            Debra LeCompte And his love for me. Perfect he is not, but we are both forgiven, and share a beautiful relationship, entrusted for it's care to the Lord.
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            Debra LeCompte All of our failures and shortcoming are entrusted to His grace, love, and mercy.
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            Debra LeCompte It is sufficient.
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            Debra LeCompte And we labor through hardships and trials, and when our joy is robbed, we look to the Lord, where our help comes from, and the resources to meet the battle are always met.
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            Debra LeCompte Boy James Craig... you nailed it...
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            Debra LeCompte How can anyone hold the belief that taking the life of an unborn baby is not straight out of hell... and a deception that wounds a woman for life....?
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            Debra LeCompte I would like to request from each of you permission to post your comments in my blog, From the Ranch. I believe this discussion to be the most on target information concerning all that has gone on in Washington this week... and state once again... The Bible speaks of only one man being "a man after God's own heart." David, a Soldier, a willing man... (you will have to read my previous blog post on a willing man... it is one of my best,) is the man declared specially loved by God. He had flaws and faults, just like any man... spent his whole life fighting and leading, with enemies that included corrupt leadership, (Saul, whom he loved and respected spent most of his life trying to kill David out of jealousy,) tempted on every side, sometimes falling to those temptations, and then suffering the agonizing pain of his own failure, and holding fast to God the entire time. He knew little of a peaceful life, always engaging some enemy, but finding his joy and peace in his deep love of God. Serving God remained through thick and thin, the only true passion of his entire life, and God raised a nation He calls "His People," from the seed of David... a Soldier. One would always do well to regard a Soldier possessed of a willing heart, with great respect. "He who honors me, him will I honor."  Any man or woman God chooses to honor, is someone special, and over and over again, those God regards most are Soldiers.
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