From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Malala Yousafzai, You Have Written Your Name Forever On My Heart!

Some people from such a very young age have already attained the characteristics of nobility.  The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines noble as possessing, characterized by, or arising from superiority of mind or character, or of ideals or morals.  There is a young woman from Pakistan who at fourteen years of age has impacted the world in a marvelousl way already with her life.  I understand the reason a Taliban assassin targeted her, in her peaceful, selfless, and innocent pursuit of an education that she might serve her people.  She wants to bring help and healing during illness or injury by becoming a doctor, she embodies the very best of Pakistan and her people.   Truly she loves her country and values the citizens of Pakistan, desirng to serve them in humility and practical aid.  
 Pray for this young patriot of Pakistan. What a remarkable young woman, never have the Taliban revealed more clearly what their agenda in the world is. Never have they revealed more clearly their disregard of human life, their disregard of God's authority concerning life and death. Do they think a fourteen year old girl could be in any way a threat to The Living God, and they need to protect God from her?  What an insult they hurl at God.  I noted that in the language they used to claim responsibility for this atrocity, they didn't threaten to dispose of anyone who opposed Allah, instead they said they would kill anyone who opposed "them."  They fool no one. She is a threat to their power and influence in the world, not God, and she is so because even a fourteen year old girl can speak the plain and profound truth of what will bring true peace to the world. It is the respect of the God given right of the individual to determine, within the framework of causing harm to no one else, their own destiny.  Then again, I am making the assumption that the eventual goal of the Taliban is world peace, but actually, I've never actually heard them suggest that peace is anywhere in their agenda... ever.

I believe in their brutal attack upon this defenseless child who desires to become a doctor in order to serve the people of Pakistan, the Taliban have awakened the nation of Pakistan as to the threat the Taliban is to their country and her people.  I also believe Pakistan will demonstrate to the world their integrity as they deal with the Taliban from here forward. I do not believe there will be a place in the entire world where her shooter can hide. They will hunt him down, and justice will be served. Whether this young woman lives or dies, she has spoken to the world of the honor of the people of Pakistan. Her life proclaims Pakistan to be a country of honor, courage, and selfless service. The Taliban proclaims Pakistan to be the home of murdering tyrants and thugs. I am certain Malala's song of life will triumph! May God be with you and your family Malala Yousafzai, your name is forever written on my heart. I will pray daily for your complete recovery, you have so much to offer to your country and the world. Your life convicts my own heart about my responsibility to live fearlessly in moral courage. If you can, so can I.

                                 One of the Peace roses grown in my garden.