From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My New Neighbors

At this point in time,  I have to admit that some positive things have come to my life because of war.  Because of my family's involvement in the military, I have paid much more attention to more than just my own world.  I live in a beautiful and peaceful place.  I have no urgent needs, I endure no tyranny or oppression in the country of my birth.  Education, the gift of studying to obtain knowledge, is a heritage which each of my countrymen expect without even considering that it could be kept from them.  Food is always present in my house, and my home is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and a place of safety and refuge.  Tomorrow on Sunday I will go to the church of my choice without fear of what that decision and commitment might cost me.  

The result of my family's involvement in this present conflict has been so vast and profound, that I will never be the same.  One of the positive things war has brought to my life is the forming of relationships with people of the Middle East.  In our sharing I have heard of the lack of liberty, and by some of my friends,  such lack of the things needed to supply the basic daily needs of people.  The insecurity of their daily lives, the product of violence and danger, which comes without warning has been conveyed to me in their personal terms.  It is different when somewhere there are some people who live in dire circumstances, and when in Iraq or Afghanistan a friend whom I care for deeply lives in dire circumstances.  Along with my husband being in harm's way, I now have many friends who have made my life much richer, who live in harm's way.  These people have become, because of our coming first to know one another, and then to having a personal friendship, my neighbors.  As I spoke of in a previous blog, God's directive is to love our neighbor as ourselves.  I now have new neighbors who bring blessings to my life, and for whom I have love and concern.  I wish to do what I can to help them in the distress of their lives.  So this morning as I woke up in a state of blessing that I have not earned, I thank God for His generousness to me, and lift the names of new neighbors in my morning prayers.


Now Begins the Day

Each morning first the grayness of the coming day softly sings,
To wake up the birds in the woods and then their songs begin to ring.

Those who have roamed the night looking for sweet little morsels to eat,
Curl up in the thicket and snuggle to sleep with their nose next to their feet.

Across the still waters of the pond now beginning to glisten in the light,
Silver fish flit the water, as all around the world begins to grow bright.

From the porch I see flowers touched with the rhinestones of morning dew.
So many colors from the Master’s palate begin in the light to show their hues.

The sun has sent fingers creeping of rose, coral, and pale yellow across the sky.
The rooster from his perch announces his joy at a new day with his boastful cry. 

No matter the state which men or nature has created for the world this day.
In hope and faith I know My Lord will be with me as for His blessing I pray.