From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Army Professional, As Defined By the Army

Revised Typology of Membership in the Army Profession

The six essential characteristics of the Army Profession are defined as:

1. Trust: with the American people

2. Trustworthiness: in all internal and institution-to-individual relationships, and externally to all mission partners

3. Military expertise: in the ethical design, generation, support and application of combat power

4. Esprit de Corps: uniting our members in a common bond that will prevail against all odds

5. Honorable Service: reflecting an institutional ethic grounded in the nation’s values and the Army’s duty to the Republic

6. Stewardship of the Profession: the Army self-polices all domains of its professional essence. Effective stewardship results in the Army being prepared for future conflicts with the right practices and expert knowledge.

This list of aspirations is taken  from the Annual Report, dated April 2, 2012 titled  "US Army Training and Doctrine Command."  

I think it is what leadership is shooting for...