From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Man and His Dogs

I had threatened Randy before he came home, I told him, "do not play with my new dog Chance, he will start to love you more than me."  Did he listen?  No, he didn't listen... he immediately started playing this absurd game with Chance with a squeaky toy pig, and Chance loved it...

Pretty soon Chance was sleeping on the floor by the bed on Randy's side... jostling with Ginger to be closest to Randy.  He was running with Randy every morning to feed the animals, chasing him on the lawn mower, and Randy was sneaking him table food... It is hard to make a former Colonel in the United States Army listen to admonitions and threats concerning messing with the affections of your dog.  I mean even if Randy got me the dog for Valentine's Day, the dog is still mine...

It wasn't long until Chance was riding to the feed store in the truck with Randy, laying literally under his feet while we played cards, and begging for his attentions constantly...  I have evidence of the alienation of my dog's affections... a photo clearly made by the offender!!! 

Now who do you think made this photo?