From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Family is Having a Wedding, and We Are Developing a Wedding Venue!

Weddings should always be events of a lifetime, and they can and should last a lifetime.  My mother and father are going to be celebrating their sixty fifth wedding anniversary on August 13th, and I am already making plans for a celebration befitting this milestone so few of us are able to make.  Their love for one another is more evident every day, and it has been the cornerstone for the last three generations of my family.  What an example their lives have been to each of us.  Their devotion to one another inspires and assures us all that true love is attainable and can be lasting.  Be sure to keep checking the blog for the development of our wedding venue, and as with all our services, if you are Active Duty Military, or a Veteran of the War on Terror, this service will be free of charge for you!

Not only will we be celebrating this life time of love, but our youngest daughter Rebecca, has found such a wonderful young man and will become his bride just a few days after my parents celebration.  Of course the main cause of memorable should always be the significance of the words and pledges made, and the love which brought the two together to commit to the sharing of  their lives, no matter come what may.  Even though the celebration itself can involve only the couple, most of us who make such a commitment wish to have our family and friends  present to share in the joy of their finding love in this world.

Weddings can be expensive to make memorable, and gathering items from friends and family to add special touches and details can be the difference in the level of "making memorable," without adding cost.  So my non minimalist personality could come in very handy.  I love lace, linens, crystal sterling silver, and all the others objects which can make for memorable little touches.

Our Becky and Andrew live in Alabama, and we don't get to see them often enough, but that doesn't mean I can't offer her pictures of my treasures which she might wish to use for hers and Andrew celebration.  She is having an outdoor wedding, and it will be a rural setting so I have gathered both "country" and more formal accessories.  There are really many more I will be sending her pictures of, but these photos will give her some options for special details in every corner and nook of her celebration.


Here are some enlarged photos Becky, and I will be posting all kinds of things you can check out to see if you might want to use them.