From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Confessions of a Hoarder

Confessions of a Hoarder, or How to Furnish and Decorate for Next to Nothing!

I must admit, I will pilfer through a dumpster, and I love picking up treasures left at the curb. Steam  will sanitize anything! Spending the last five weeks remodeling a house we are selling in League City an idea seized me as I was going through the drive through for breakfast on Sunday before church. I had to stop and snag a nice solid oak pedestal table, three upholstered dinning room chairs and a nice armchair, which had been left at their dumpster. As they say, there were great bones on each piece, (I left the mattress and some other less desirable items,) and I could tell just a re-upholster here, and a Minwax there, and it would be great stuff, besides, my daughter Beth needed some furnishings for her media room in her new home.

The total cost of this complete remodel and furnishing of this room was less than $450.  I paid $174 for the flooring and the glue to stick it to the floor, $54 for the paint for the walls, and about $10 for the paint for the trim.  I paid less than $50 for everything on the walls, which I bought at Goodwill, and everything else came from the treasures I found left at the curb so I.  The potted orchids were $30, (they are real, and were a special at the local Kroger's after Mother's Day.  The drapes I bought at Family Dollar, and I paid $28 including the rods to hang them.  The light fixture was on sale for $94, and it really sets the whole room off.

I will be taking the table and chairs, ottoman, and also the arm chair which isn't pictured, to my daughter Beth this week-end, but for now, they stage this little room beautifully!