From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Have Almost Completed the Mission...

For the past five weeks, I have "worked my little heart out," and "my fingers to the bone" as they say, to complete the work on our home in League City, Texas.  We have sold the property as we prepare to move to Germany with my husband's job with the State Department.  Honestly, I had dreaded this work until I could hardly pack up and go to do it.  As usual, my sweet and astonishing husband provided the inspiration I needed to get started, and my Lord gave me all that was needed in strength of mind and body to accomplish it.  I have been awed by what a blessing I have received in doing this work.  Never would I have guessed all that would transpire...

This is the beautiful light fixture I found for the house to go in the entryway, welcoming all who enter.

First a tour of the work accomplished, and how lovely the house has become under my hand as I have labored with the help of a few friends passing through.
This is the front door and the entryway, where people will walk in as they come to visit the new owner, Miss Trish, who is my new friend Kristy's grandmother.  There is a coat closet in the hallway which goes to the guest bedrooms, just to the right of the entry.

This is my new friend Kristy, I have grown to love her whole family in my short stay here in League City! Before I even thought of doing anything inside the house, I knew I had to do something to make it welcoming and inviting from the front yard.  So, beginning with the addition of three American flags, I shoveled dirt, hauled away old rotting landscape timbers, brought in beautiful new plants, both planted and potted in red containers placed on either side of the front door, and added a pretty little bistro set, where I have met so many nice people while sitting at.

I also painted the outside of the garage door.  Painting the garage door white as well as the front door, plus weeding and trimming branches from the trees, completed the work at the front of the house.

Tomorrow, more pictures of the interior of the house, and all about puppies and small children, and how they make a project just sing along!