From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sometimes Women Cry in the Night

Secret Tears

Once there came terror to the heart of a woman innocent,
A man with fear and intimidation, her soul did rent.

In the dark of night, in a foreign country, and alone without a friend,
She would search God's Word, and beg Him to make her torture end.

 Her cries by no human being were heard, when she first spoke out.
Never did this cause her to lose faith, or her mind her God to doubt.

Now after years those who live by honor, justice will soon render,
Not ever in her suffering did she all her hope surrender.

His own dangerous words, sent to torment and control,
Will now be read for real men to regard and behold.

His violent and vile actions too will come to light,
No longer does she stand left alone in this fight.

God is always faithful and makes a way of escape,
When the helpless to the Father their fate give, for Him to shape.