From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, May 22, 2009

When your heart is troubled...

No matter how difficult the life situation, all I have to do at Soldier's Heart is go outside and be still... there is a beautiful Bible verse that says, "Be still and know that I am God." The birds here offer a constant concert to the Lord, they sing of his love, power, and amazing grace. We live in a corridor that goes from the top of the planet to the bottom, birds as well as butterflies travel this space, and many live here. It is amazing to me how tame wild birds become. Cardinals always follow me to the back pasture to feed the horses, they are waiting rather impatiently for theirs. They fuss and chatter, always wanting their free meal. They love the bird baths, the feeders, and the bird houses, and sing of their joy constantly.

It would take too long in this writing to name all the species, in fact I have no idea how many there are. I do know there are rare birds here. That is why Soldiers Heart is such a great "birding place," and a place to listen to the bird's message that God still loves all who call this planet home, and his peace and assurance of a perfect plan in place to restore a peace that no one will disturb again is at work here, and we will war no more. Young men and women will not be needed, nor 50 year old men and women, anymore to bear the burdens of war.

Soldiers who come here often find it difficult at first to "be still." There are aspects of war that wound the soul, numb the heart, and cause the mind to doubt God is still on the throne, but He is. So many are very young, warriors are at their best concerning the skills needed to engage and defeat the enemy, when they are young, strong, and fearless. What 18 year old doesn't view himself as 10 foot tall and bullet proof? A tour overseas can reverse all of that for a young Soldier, and in fact inflict near fatal, and sadly, sometimes fatal wounds that cannot be seen with the human eye. My husband and I have worked with young men and women suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not in a formal way, not because it is an appointed job by the military, but because Soldiers we sometimes do not even know reach out, it is more like cry out... We do not have the answers to the unseen videos replaying in their mind's eye, but tender words of gratitude from a nation, assurance that we know and understand the horrors they have seen, and most importantly refer them to professionals, (the Army really does have tremendous resources for Soldiers if they just know how to reach out, or when they can't themselves have those who love them and help them to access these resources.
We know also that some one's son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, father, mother... has to stand in the gap for the freedom that the greatest country in the world offers, because the world has enemies in the cause of freedom. There are those who would eradicate democracy from our world, and those who champion it. Memorial Day is coming this weekend. Please don't let it just be another "free day" from school and work, but let it be a "freedom day." Let it be a day when you contact every Soldier or Soldier's Family that you know to say, "thank you, is there anything we can do for you and yours?" For truly, these young men and women of courage are making sacrifices... and when they return from theatre, it is hard for them to "be still," because of the vigilance they had to cultivate in order to stay alive and well.

Come and see the birds at Soldier's heart, especially if you are a Soldier or the member of a Soldier's Family. The stay is free to you, Randy and I owe you as well, and we wish to offer you a place to "be still and know." The birds are beautiful here. I have even seen two bald eagles, I know, I know, I thought I had been out in the sun too long too... I will tell that story soon, it is a wonderful story, and talks of "soaring on wings like eagles..."

Have a beautiful day, hug and kiss a Soldier for me please, mine is far away and I long to give him kisses and hugs, and if anything troubles you, watch the birds.