From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Went Home With a Stranger After Lunch At Tony's

I am a soft touch for an abandoned baby anything, and yesterday after  a Sunday morning filled with all kinds of excitement, my best friend and I, along with her husband and two of her grand-children, headed to Tony's in Sealy after church for lunch.  That is a great little place for Sunday lunch,  they always have a buffet with several selections of meat, all kinds of well cooked vegetables, rolls and cornbread, and the lunch is only $7,95. On Sunday they always have turkey and dressing, roast, fried catfish, chicken fried chicken, and chicken fried steak.  Before we even got in the restaurant, as we were walking up to the door, there they were, three pretty little puppies, out in the rain.  We had a fairly severe thunderstorm while we were in church, and they were a sad looking little group. They were soaking wet, hungry, and so surprisingly calm.  They were not jumping around, yelping, or whining, just sitting there in the rain shivering.  I could hardly eat my lunch.  I just feel that if your pets are allowed to breed, it is your responsibility to see that they get a good home.

Many people stopped and looked at the puppies, some went back in the cafe and got scraps from the plates they had just left to feed them a bite or two.

Randy has been wanting me to get another dog, Ginger is getting really old, and she is just too friendly to bark when someone comes up to the ranch.  She just wants them to stay for dinner, and to beg for a scratch behind the ear from them, and maybe a bite from the table after lunch or supper.  After Ginger went missing for twelve days, I had told Randy I would never have another dog, I had cried every hour on the hour the last two days she was gone.  I could accept she was dead, but I could not accept that she might have suffered, and that she had died alone.  Low and behold, God brought her home.  Then on Sunday I went to lunch at Tony's and there were the puppies, and one of them stood out to me.  I had a change of heart on the "never having another puppy again thing."

So I told Brenda I thought I would be taking a puppy home with me.  She just laughed at me and told me, "I knew the minute we went by those puppies at least one was going home with you."  So we got a box, and picked her up, and I took her home.  Another couple eating at Tony's took the other two pups.  So all of the puppies were lucky on Sunday afternoon.

She was eat up with fleas, and the first thing I had to do was give her a bath, de-flea her, and get her warmed up and fed.  She is a delight, very calm dispositioned, and obviously very intelligent.  I was a little worried about she and Ginger getting along, Ginger is unaware that she is a dog, wants nothing to do with other dogs, ignores them, and if they get too close to her food, she will go from the calmest animal you have ever been around to a wild dog in a split second.  This little pup is unusual, she is as calm as Ginger is, doesn't jump around, demand that Ginger play with her, or otherwise annoy Ginger.  There is obviously some jealousy, and Ginger keeps wanting to sit closer to me than the puppy, and of course I let her. 

                                                                            She slept most of the afternoon, and I was a little worried that she would be up all night since she had always had the other pups and a mom to snuggle up,  but she hardly made a peep.  She has already made herself at home, and soon she will go out to the kennel each night.   The only thing left to do after I get her shots tomorrow is to settle on a name.  I had first thought of Angel, then I thought of Patriot, and calling her Pat, and I like Stranger for a name too.  I can't get much enthusiasm on that one from either Brenda or Randy.  I like that it is a different kind of name, but this little stranger, I found sitting out in the rain, has stolen my heart.