From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Soldiers Can Be So Eloquent.

So many politicians constantly use the military to gain new votes from particular voting blocks, and I fully expect those kinds of behaviors.  Usually the group that is wooed has a vested interest in the "change" that is happening.  It doesn't work quite the same way with the military.  Many times some new policy  imposed upon the military, is really little more than a political move to gain favor from the various voting blocks, so that people who would approve the "change," are not really affected by the decision in any way.  I remember when some budget crisis or the other caused the pay of the military to be late.  That, I think was the motivation for the recent cut and run decision to allow women in combat positions in the military.  Leon Panatte served from 1964 until 1966 as an intelligence officer, I just can't see that service as qualifying a man to make decisions of such importance. The following was a reply made to the rant that women should be allowed to serve where ever they want to that appeared in Stars and Stripes.  I will not post another thing, or make another comment because this expert, known on Star and Stripes as Tennessee Trapper said it all.  I took the liberty of changing grammar, but just click below to read all he said exactly,  and everything others had to say.

 TennesseeTrapper my_two_cents_worth 11 hours ago

You know my_two_cents_worth, if having women in combat line units is so great and ideal, then they should make all female combat units. You seem to know that they are better fighters than the men in the combat units that this country has.  Not even every man that tries to get to the Infantry makes it. They may be able to get into the regular units but not even all the ones that get through training will be strong enough, and
 not all men can hack it in the combat units. 

Now I know that you,  my_two_cents_worth, had to have been in the Infantry, right!  No! You, my_two_cents_worth, were not over there in Afghanistan with us in the Infantry, right!?  No! You were right there with us climbing up the Hindu Kush Mountains, right?  You know the mountains that were small, only 12,000 feet to 16,000 feet, and where the air was thin and the enemy was hiding in caves. Because you were, like we were, climbing up with only a 70 lb. rucksack, gear, M4-rifle, ammo, add 30lbs. of water, and even more if you have a crew that serve weapons like a Mortar then you have to add at least 30 lbs. or more of Mortar ammo for the Mortar. And let's see, that adds up to only 130 lbs. that we were humping up the mountains if you are lucky, right? No!  And not only did we have to get up to the enemy, we had to be able to fight them and win. Even if we had to fight hand to hand. You win or you are dead.  No second chances, no coming back next week to be on a TV show. This is the real thing, not your play world, my_two_cents_worth.

You would think that we would have rode choppers up to the enemy
caves but the choppers have a hard time flying that high. The higher you go the thinner the air. Also the mountains are steep and there is a very small chance to find some place where to land. 

Also if a another unit is in trouble near by on another mountain,
and needs our help, and what I mean by near by is 20 to 25 miles, we may have to win the battle we are in, and then hump it as fast as we can to the other unit and still be able to fight and win another battle.

The Infantry does not put up with people that can not pull there own weight or who fall out. We all have to be there to fight and win.  The Infantry is also running long range patrols in Afghanistan, and a lot of times we do not have Artillery or Air cover.  You are on foot, you have to carry every thing that you will need to fight and win. That is what WAR is about. This is how the Infantry fights and just because some people, like you, want to be PC does not mean that putting women in the Infantry will work.  That is what they will do even if the women can not carry their own weight, and men will die because of PC people just like you. Oh, and my_two_cents_worth if you have not been in the Infantry and have not been in battle like we Infantrymen, then you Sir, should shut up and go back to your hole and were you came from and hide, and let the real men fight the wars that your little ass can not or will not do. You sir do not know any thing about the Infantry and I do not  believe you got the guts to join the Infantry.

 He said it all.  He said it true, and without the political correctness that less than honorable men and women  of power have spoken with.  He spoke with truth that those who have their own reasons for creating this situation, and who lack the ability to speak the truth, speechify about this decision.  Today when my husband called from Iraq, I read this Soldier's reply to him.  He said for me to make sure I told him hoo ah, to give him his best wishes, invite him to the ranch, and to tell him thank you  for your service!

This poem is dedicated today to the United States Army, Infantry Branch,  my husband, and Tennessee Trapper, who are a part of a band of brothers.

Oh War, Oh War How Sad To Say

Oh War, oh War, how sad to say,
You take our sons and daughters far away.
To subdue tyrants and those who rule,
With hearts so evil and ever cruel.

Oh War oh War, how sad to say,
Always there is a price to pay.
There born on shoulders bowed with care,
Comes the coffins of the young who dare.

Oh War, oh War, how sad to say,
Many are the tears of mothers that fall on that day.
When their dear child is finally laid to rest,
In the soil of their country for which they gave their best.

Oh War, oh War, how sad to say,
Too many are the children who cease to play.
Tears fall from little eyes which will never begin
To understand why they won’t see Mother or Father again.

Oh War, Oh War, how sad to say,
You take life’s one great love in your disarray.
No more in this life their cherished face to see,
The darkness of that hour bends the knee.

Oh War, Oh War, how sad to say,
Stray bullets that wind and find whatever target they may,
While turning and winding, an innocent victim take,
And those deadly spheres leave two in their wake.

 Oh War, Oh War, how sad to say,
Hearts of the courageous break as those shells betray.
Memories must be carried by those who are brave,
Of necessary deeds which make their souls rave.

Oh War, Oh War how sad to say,
Sometimes the best return with wounds from the fray.
They leave strong when first they depart,
Then come home and a new life they must start.

Oh War, Oh War, how sad to say,
Always again the ruthless will follow the same way.
Once more the call will go out
For those who know what warmongers are about.

Oh War, oh War, how sad to say,
The price of freedom is never stayed.
Pruning hooks and plows must be beat,
Into weapons your dread disease to defeat.

Oh War, oh War, how sad to say,
With words and pleadings greedy men will not be swayed.
Yet the promise will one day be made complete,
By One who to a cross was nailed by his hands and his feet.

Oh, War, Oh War, on that glad day,
The Son of God will come to lead the way.
The final victory He will take,
No more will sin sad hearts make.

Oh War, Oh War, you are going away,
Peace and happiness for all will come in your stay.
The lion and the lamb will together lie down,
And God’s praises we’ll shout, making a joyful sound.
By Debra LeCompte
June 2010