From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rocket the Goat Ate My Lunch

Some days that little goat tries my patience, she keeps nibbling on my roses, eating my other potted plants, threatening the dog, and every time I step backwards, she is right behind me.  She is always trying to get in the truck, and force her way past my legs to get in the house.  She seems to feel if the dog can go in the house and the truck, then she should be able to as well.  

She keeps getting on the lawn mower, I just think she is trying to figure out how to drive it so she can go to town anyway... and today I had my insulated cup with peach tea I had made up in the cup holder, and I caught her trying to drink my peach tea!

It was the last straw when she ate my lunch.  I sat the bag from What a Burger down on the grill when I got back from town, as I finished setting things out of the truck, and I turned around to get my lunch and go sit down and relax while I ate...