From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Can You Be 62 and White Hot in Love?

I spend a great deal of time bragging on my husband.  There are hundreds of reasons for that, one is that I am white hot in love with the man.  I consider myself honored by God because He has chosen me to be Randy's wife, his "help meet."  He is such an amazing person, and sometimes I tell him that I am not certain if I love him more, or admire him more.

Usually I am in one pickle or the other when I stop to ponder my husband's finest qualities, though I marvel at them in brief moments daily.  I have been working very hard lately, remodeling a house we are selling.  Any time you remodel, it gives you such a clear picture of any weaknesses in your physical well being, and all my weaknesses have been just screaming at me.  Since I have a rather severe and chronic disease, ankylosing spondylitis, fighting physical pain has become a major priority of each day. I have been planning doctor's appointments to establish a strategy to optimize and preserve my health.  Making a plan however hasn't relieved the pain of the moment, so as I sat on the couch planning, my ears were literally ringing with the constant, and moderate to severe pain which has lasted several weeks now.

The ranch hand evidently has forgotten what I told him about the water well.  We use well water at the ranch.  We have a phenomenal deep well, filled with wonderful sweet water, but there is so much of it that the pressure can blow our pipes apart if we turn the handle up too high.  Evidently that had happened.  When my grand-daughter and I arrived home, we noticed a 6-8 inch wet spot in the hall, which is not near any water using appliance or plumbing fixture.  Sure enough, when I went out to the well, the pressure was reading 100%, and somewhere under the house, I realized, we have pipes that have been blown apart by the pressure of the water being turned up all the way.  

You know how it can sometimes just seem like life is pressing in on you, I know that my life is so blessed, but when your husband has been deployed literally for years, a girl can get a touch of the poor me syndrome.  Not feeling my best, remodeling, plumbing problems, company coming, and an international move coming up, even I can begin to be conscious of a slow rising panic. 

I won't go into all of my husband's finest qualities again, (I do that all the time,) but I just want to convey all that he is to me, and the man he is professionally, for our family, and before God by describing how I felt when I opened my email.  I saw a response to an email I sent him where I lamented my troubles to my own personal super hero....  Not only did it meet my need in the moment, but the understanding of all that he is, triggered the relief which overwhelmed me with emotion. It contained just five words, and those words caused happiness and strength to soar through me...

"I will be home soon."