From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, August 15, 2014

Love Often Demands Things

Comment by a man:

My Post:  Who among us would not call out for the military of the United States if this were at our doors? Who would not demand that? Would the cost of war be a point if your child were at risk of torturous murder and suffering? It has become a very small planet and the same dangers which lurk in Iraq, and are a threat to the Iraqis are finding fertile soil in which to grow, as the broken government of Iraq falls. Those dangers have been promised by the leadership of IS to one day lead to the accomplishment of their goal of flying their flag 0ver our White House. We do not live in world where there are options about war. We can resist war all day long, and should, but this evil gets a vote too....

Comment by a man:  Joe, rather than sitting in a safe ivory tower, looking down one's nose at all of the "false reports" about mistreatment of our Christian brothers and sisters, all anyone, including you, has to do is fly to Erbil and interview the refugees. Here is the info on what planes fly into that city. I hereby pledge $1,000 toward your airfare. 

My comment:  He took down my offer to go in on that with you... does that not suggest an ethical question for Joe, considering his claims of not blocking any posts other than those containing vulgar language and references to disturbing images?