From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, August 15, 2014

I Have a Lot to Say

Remark by a woman:  This article is pointless. Absolutely besides the point. I don't doubt that it is happening and that much worse is happening. We don't need pictures as proof. Just like we don't need pictures of the women and children being raped. These people are monsters and need to be stopped at all cost.

My reply:  I think it is not pointless at all. It speaks to a very large lacking. I just looked up Joe Carter. He is one of ours. Straight out of the Southern Baptist Convention, and full of arrogance and pride, refusing redirection from a host of believers. He is young enough to be my son... and I can tell you, I have raised a passel of sons... I need the contact number of his mother. I need to speak with her in order that we might go before the Father on behalf of Joe concerning his stiff neck. In raising sons, and in my own experience, I am familiar with the repercussions of a stiff neck before the Father. I think he had best stay out of bodies of water which are large enough for a great fish to call home.

Remark by a man:  I became an Evangelical Christian late in life. For the first time i understand this passage, Revelation 22:20
......Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

My reply:   And amen, but not one minute before the harvest of the last soul who can hear of the love of God, His saving grace, and in the contriteness of heart broken before Him in the realization of their sin, and their need for the gift of salvation. I suspect that Joe's real beef lies in a suspicion that Brother Andrew and the other gentlemen is a part of the One World Church movement. That is not so, just because he is the friend of the Muslim cleric, sits and dines with many Muslim friends, and lobbies for their rights to worship as they please does not mean he is faithful to anything but the Gospel of Christ. For the Gospel to go out into the world, that freedom to choose which God granted to each of us, must not be hampered by forcing the Gospel. That can't be done anyway... but there is a promise, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." Just like when the water was poured on the altar, at the end of the day, there will be certainty as to who is the ever lasting God. Please Lord, hold back the forces of evil, that we can tell the nations the glories of all You have done, and of Your love which leaves me in awe as I consider it toward me, and the rest of humanity. Tarry Lord until the very last of the harvest, and be with Daniel the young Sheik, who under Brother Andrew's ministry came to him in the night and pleaded to be baptized in secret,for he had encountered the living God. He can only attend church, and be taught the Word of God at the American Embassy. To try to learn of God, or assemble with the body of believers in any church in Iraq would mean sure and quick death. Bless your servant Lord who was willing to carry the Gospel to Daniel, and thank you for the opportunity to come to call Daniel friend. Continue to send mentors to him in the faith, since Randy can no longer be there with him. Comfort and strengthen him as he tries to defend his young family, and all of Iraq, as he leads his tribe. Let him become free to be the open witness he desires to be. In the Matchless name of Jesus whose blood provides for me the complete confidence to come before You with the prayers of my heart, knowing the gift of salvation covers all my sin.