From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sometimes, Even and Old Woman Must Draw a Line, and Take a Stand

I must reshare this article I stumbled upon online.  I have discovered, in acute dismay that this young man who wrote this article which makes insinuations, and statements, represented falsely as fact, is a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, I should have immediately noted that TGC stands for The Gospel Coalition, however, I have not felt so well lately.  Now to the point of line I am herewith drawing in the sand... CONCERNING CANON ANDREW WHITE, BECAUSE OF MY DEEPEST REGARD FOR THIS MAN, AND HIS SERVICE TO THE LORD FOR THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ,  I HAVE GOT HIS BACK, WHEN HIS ARMS TIRE, I CAN AND WILL LIFT THEM UP.  IF ANYONE PERSECUTES OR ATTEMPT MALIGN HIM, WE ARE GOING TO DANCE. I am old enough to be this young man's mother... and to those of you who know me well, you know I have skills in that area.  The author of this article needs rebuking in the love of Christ, we all do sometimes.  He repeatedly keeps lying.  I do not think that he intended to do so in the beginning.  I feel that he was trying to establish a platform of restraint, and then his ego got in the way.  Unfortunately that is not the needed area of emphasis in this matter.  Only about half of my comments are posted, despite the fact that he has repeatedly assured all readers that the only things which will block a post are vulgar abusive language, or links to sites with graphic violent pictures of the carnage.  (note, the image below was posted by him.)  The problem that I encountered with this piece was the unsupported innuendos toward two of God's servants who have devoted their lives in service and support to the people of Iraq.  He made the most absurd accusation against Cannon Andrew White under the fire of many, many, negative reactions to his article.  He stated that the reason he believes that Cannon White should not be considered a reliable source, despite his being in Iraq, is because due to Brother Andrew's influence and exaggerations concerning WMD in Iraq, and the overstatement of the persecution of Christians, the United States was influenced to enter into a war in Iraq.  Randy belly laughed when I told him that, and by the way, in 2003 his clearance was "top secret security clearance," as he was involved in studies at the Army War College for his Master's Degree in Strategic Studies.  I want any attackers of Canon Andrew White to understand, I may not be able to spank a three month old kitten and win...physically,  but I too have journalistic skills.  Threaten or harm in any way this man of God or his reputation, who has poured out his heart in the love of Jesus Christ for the people of Iraq and we are verbally going to dance.

Here is the link to the post which appears on the The Gospel Coalition, which I normally would praise.  I must also make this disclaimer, I have long been a Southern Baptist, and this man does not in this article accurately represent the average Southern Baptist, he has allowed his ego to mar his testimony.

I will be posting my responses here, as I have no confidence they will be posted on this article.