From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nobody Makes Them Any Better Than Me!

                                                                    What do you do  when the chickens are laying this good?  Why you make omelets, and put out a sign, Yard Eggs, $4.00 a dozen.  We've got brown eggs and green eggs, and no they aren't from space chickens The colored eggs are laid by specific breeds, and they are extremely tasty.  I can tell you making a tasty omelet is an art form anyone can learn.  Eggs are so much better for you than science was telling us there for awhile.  Like a lot of science, for a few years they were a little confused about eggs.... eggs were killers, killing us all, giving us heart attacks by the millions... chickens were reported to be killing people in the night... wait a minute, that last part is from some movie...  Actually we were all supposed to quit eating so many eggs, as they were full of cholesterol.  We took heed and started eating just the egg whites.  As the web site for the Incredible Edible Egg says, the facts have been highly "eggzagerated."  My Brian says those kinds of jokes  are so

 Here's how you do it!  Getting the pan right is essential.  You need a cast iron omelet skillet, heavy, and well seasoned.  Of course you need the Pam, and I always chop all my veggies and custom make my omelets for my guests.  Her I have onions, celery, tomatoes, jalapenos, orange bell peppers, and grated cheese.

 The Bellville Meat Market is an institution in Bellville, and they are the creators of  Poffenberger's summer sausage, just chop it up and throw it in with whatever veggies you have selected.

Plate it up and 
serve it
with crisp toast, juice, and coffee!