From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Do You Get Lots of Eggs,... Inspirational Roosters

This is Chief, he is a Polish Top Hat Rooster.  He is an inspirational rooster evidently, because eleven hens are consistently laying eleven eggs every day. I love my little flock.  Here are some of its' stars!

This is Domino, she is my favorite, and a great little egg layer.  She has  feathers on her feet.  She is a feathered legged Cuckoo Maran.  How's that for a mouth full.  She loves leftover wheat spaghetti noodles, I think she thinks they are worms...


The majority of the crew is made up of Buff Orpingtons, and the little black chicken looking up is a "Giant Black," and she lays extra large eggs!