From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Love This Little Pink Fuzzy Easter Basket Shaped Like a Bunny

This basket is stuffed completely full!  Take the time to study the photo carefully!  So many little treasures, and the light up lamb says Happy Easter as his cheeks and tummy flash!

This basket is a bunny turned on his back, and  you put your treasures in his tummy!  This bunny has a full tummy!

The little rabbit riding the bicycle with the sucker in the little wagon he is pulling pumps the pedals and his knees go up and down as he pedals the bike.  The Crazy Eggs card game should be lots of fun to play with mom and dad or friends!  The M&Ms egg is a favorite of mine, plus the "cup cake" Easter eggs have a tasty little surprises I won't tell!  There are several stings of beads, including classic pearls.  The light fragrance perfume is just right for a little girl.   The wind up hopping yellow chick is always trying to run away, or get into the little keepsake tin box to get at the chocolate chip cookie!  The Jumbo Ball Point Pen is perfect for writing the child's name in the coloring book, and the sticker book.The two sweet powder filled carrots are perfect to eat with the large cookie lamb on a stick, while you are wearing your fuzzy rabbit ears and sipping from your ice cream cone sippy cup.  Don't get caught in school chewing your egg gum out of the tiny little cartons!  There are several plastic eggs filled with little delights.  Whew, thought I wasn't going to get it all in there... there was no room for the grass... we will just send a zip lock bag with grass... The cost on this basket is $49.99.