From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, March 11, 2013

More of the Easter Baskets!

This fun Easter Basket started with a cool sock monkey design basket, approximately 10 inches X 10 inches in hot pink and purple.  To start with, we added all kinds of purple an pink beads.  Next a cute little Ice Cream Cone covered cup with a crazy twisted  straw.  The ice cream part is hot pink!  The bird shaped water whistle is on a cord, and it is yellow, matching the wind up white and fuzzy hopping bunny.  There is a giant chocolate chip cookie in a keepsake purple tin, and big iced chick shaped iced cookie too.  Three sugar powder orange carrots add flare, and the pop up chick over-sized egg is full of treats as well.  The wind up bicycle riding rabbit is a hoot as he peddles his wares, (a cute little sucker,) and the light up soft chick twinkles for several seconds, even after you stop shaking it.  There is a little 5 inch light up rabbit, and a purple boa to wear around her neck just for fun!  Tiny cartons of bubble gum eggs are fun too!  Easter would not be complete without a chocolate bunny!  A small heart shaped glitter picture frame, and a giant purple pen, along with silver and hot pink fingernail polish finish out this basket!  A little trim with pink and purple Easter grass, a golden prize egg, and several assorted plastic eggs with treats inside round out the basket.  The basket will come wrapped in hot pink netting, with a big bow.   If you have any questions just shoot me an email, and make sure you look at the other baskets that will be going up soon!  We have been having fun with this project!

 This basket is yours to present to that special little girl for $45.99!

Shipping is always free!