From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is our Masterpiece Basket for Some Cherished Little Girl!

This Beautiful Easter Basket Includes a Baby Doll Complete With Wardrobe and Other Accessories!

Her name is Violet, and when you push her tummy she talks, or cries!
She can say "Mama, night night, and pretty!"  She also laughs!

She comes with two extra shirts, which store in a little pink and purple box, painted like a little house, a diaper bag, bottle, rattle toy, stuffed bunny just her size, and a plate and spoon.  The traditional purple basket is lined with a purple polka dotted fabric liner, and makes a perfect bed just her size after Easter.   

What little girl would not want a set of three finger nail polishes to play dress up like mommie!  Her very own light fragrance spray on cologne is another "like mommie" toy.  There are plastic eggs filled with beautiful bead necklaces to play in to, plus 7 necklaces line the bottom of the basket!  Purple and pink cupcake Easter eggs are filled with treats too! 

There is a little pink flute, giant purple and pink ball point pen, a card game 
called Bunny Rummy, a cute little set of fuzzy bunny ears for your princess 
to wear, and an purple ice cream cone with a crazy straw to keep her drinks
from spilling while making them more fun!  Easter just isn't complete without the yellow marshmallow  treats known as "Peeps!"  A little tin keepsake box, which is blue and pink holds a chocolate chip cookie.  The little white wind up fuzzy bunny is exceptionally cute, and the chocolate cross on an Easter card tells of the  true and special meaning of Easter.    

Pretty pink, polka dotted, satin bows with pink flowers and rabbit suckers are on either side of the basket. Plastic eggs, with treats inside completely take up every square inch of this beautiful basket.  Just ask for Violet's basket.  It sells for $89.99 plus tax and shipping.  Of course you may pick it up at Soldier's Heart Ranch, and visit the Barbie Barn while you are there!       

Two tiny egg cartons with pastel egg shaped bubble gum and a white rubber ducky add charm, and of course a kit to dye her own "sparkle" eggs will have you boiling eggs for the project.  What little girl will enjoy this very special basket on Easter morning?  I bet she is very special too!  I have to go wrap her in pink net so she will be ready for her trip to that little girl's house.

  The decorative flowers shown in these photos are not included in this basket.
You can buy this little girl's delight at E-bay.


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