From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, March 11, 2013

If This Isn't Fun, I Don't Know What Is!

Sponge Bob Square Pants For Easter!

You can have Sponge Bob and friends for 
$69.99 plus shipping.

Here is a list of all the goodies that come in Bob!

Sponge Bob Basket (Soft and sturdy fabric construction, which will make a great year round storage and room decoration)

Sponge Bob Chocolate Bar.

Fuzzy Wind Up Hoppy Chick.

Cute little Plastic Bunny on a Bicycle, (He is a wind up toy which pumps his legs as he rides his tricycle to transport his sucker to the boy or girl receiving this basket.  

A good size sippy cup with a crazy crooked straw, which is shaped like an ice cream cone.

What basket it complete without a rubber ducky!

Pop rocks in a large yellow egg.

Large metallic gold egg with a special treat inside.

A large yellow bird shaped water whistle.

A crazy little soft light up chick with  flashing colored light that activate with shaking.

A large carrot shaped bag of candy with orange and green jelly beans.

A necklace with a duck shaped bottle of bubbles.

Two packages of PEEPS.

A crazy frog with wild rubber hair which deposits candy in a poddy from it's rear, (this is definitely a little "boy basket."     

A stuffed yellow light up duck about 6 inches tall.

A egg dying kit in camo colors!

Several bead necklaces, and several plastic eggs filled with treats!

We had to leave the grass on the sides of the basket... the basket was just stuffed too full!

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