From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Saw Sad Eyes


I Saw the Sad Eyes 

I saw the sad eyes of women who had been betrayed,

By those who from honor should never have strayed.

They could not have known what would come to them,
      Integrity was pledged and they believed without a whim.

In a dark hour their faith and loyalty was shattered. 
Their lives, without regard, left broken and tattered.

Time seemed strangled and unable their injuries to mend.

To go on with life seemed to have nowhere to begin.

Then in chorus the sad eyes look around in panic and pain,
In a moment they knew other eyes revealed the same stain.

 Hearts united and power and change came with more ease,      
 The weakest were lifted first by the women from their knees.

Words and tears were shared and brought balm to their soul wounds.

Slowly in unity they overcame, and the living of lives resumed.

 I saw the sad eyes of women who had been betrayed. 
By those who from honor should  never have strayed.