From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Beloved Husband Returned Once Again to Iraq, Or Laughter and Other Good Medicine

As happens each time my husband returns to Iraq, I am experiencing a small period of mourning. I love him so. One of the reasons is his laughter, which comes so easily. That laughter fills the house when he is home, because he finds so much joy in life. He finds adventure as well, everywhere he goes...

Everything is an adventure and a road march with Randy. As his wife, I never know where I am going to wake up. He arrived on the 22nd of December, after a three day journey from Iraq to Illinois, to Rock Island Arsenal, where his command is. He spent time there briefing those who need briefing... there are always scores of them, and then got on a plane to get home to the ranch. He missed all of the snow canceling of flights; did I mention he is uncommonly lucky? Then on December 23, we loaded up in the truck with Son Boy, Ginger, our dog, Christmas presents, and luggage and headed for Georgia. We stopped in New Orleans to see his mother and sister, stayed the night in billeting at a military base, then arrived in Georgia to spend Christmas with Rebecca, our daughter. We had a wonderful time, complete with snow on Christmas Day, of course he was the clear winner in the snow ball fight. Son Boy didn't bring any gloves, and soon his hands were frozen, and he couldn't make snowballs efficiently. Randy had heard there might be snow in Georgia on Christmas Day and had packed his leather gloves. They made snow balls very efficiently!

Without letting the snow melt under our feet, we headed back to Texas, stopping first to see Brian's grand-parents in Alabama. Raymond and Alma love their grand-children deeply, especially Brian and our Becky. Raymond and I both managed to avoid, for the most part, talk of politics, so it was a fun and peaceful visit. Raymond is a crusty old sailor, (Navy man,) and an artist, I loved viewing his work. Soon, after chicken and the trimmings, plus Alma's home made fried pies, we were on the road again.

Randy had made reservations, and we spent the night at another post in billeting, then stopped again in New Orleans. We also made a special stop for me along the trip home at Prejean's in Lafayette, but that is worth a whole other blog, complete with pictures. I love Zydeco music! We arrived home on the 27th. As I said, life is always an adventure and a road march with Colonel LeCompte!

We had a young military family as guests during the New Year's weekend, and what fellowship and fun we enjoyed. They have two beautiful young children, Tyler and McKenzie. McKenzie is just over a year old, and about the second day they were here, each time Randy laughed, McKenzie would too... and not in a "baby" way. She would throw back her head and laugh as loud as she could, mimicking Randy.
I found it so delightful that each time Randy laughed that rich, beautiful, baritone laugh, she responded by trying to laugh in the same hardy way. Of course each time she did this, we all laughed again, starting McKenzie laughing all over. We did a lot of laughing New Year's week-end... I love how Randy's LeCompte's laughter fills the house when he is home.