From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a glorious Christmas we experienced. It was so rich with God's love, good friends, new good friends, family, laughter, and blessings too numerous to list. Being life in this world, it was also filled with challenges, but as always, God was "sufficient unto the day." I have promised God I will faithfully blog this year, recording for myself, and any whom the words would lift, God's leading, fulfilling of promises, and provision for my life and that of my beloved husband.

Ours is a journey conducted against the background of war. Not only the war in the Middle East, but the war that goes on around us every day of good and evil. There are so many very good people in this world, and we have the treasure of calling more than our share of them friends and family.

Just as there are good people, there are also those consumed by evil, those who have made themselves "god" of all they think and do. It not only leads to their destruction, but imposes on good people everywhere the necessity of standing against all their evil intents. The largest "evil intent" which I see at work in the world is that of the terrorists determined that God is in need of their assistance to force people to love and serve Him. What a blasphemy that is before God. The idea that God is in need of terrorists to conquer the world and force love toward Him, and obedience toward Him on people of this world, or the idea that He even desires this, is to me the worst of dishonor toward God. He is all powerful, all knowing, and capable of accomplishing anything He desires without one wit of assistance from anyone or anything, and He alone created all.

All of creation is the work of His hand, He could have made creatures of our characteristics without number, who lacked a will to choose anything but to love and serve Him. Never has He needed a single terrorist to force love toward Him. Never was it, or will it ever be, gratifying to God to be worshiped by force, and those who shed blood, create horror, and give their lives to this cause, never coming to understand this delusion, are truly lost forever. Those who live in the terror of their acts of violence and death, and are hindered by their acts of horror in finding their own way to The Living God, must have someone to stand in the gap for them against these evil men and women. Those who live in the countries most affected by their acts of horror in the name of the God of Peace, must receive protection from this evil, because always, when evil is tolerated, it grows, spreads, and consumes.

The opportunities afforded by our own great nation, the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, are not deserved by the people of our nation alone. They are deserved, and indeed "endowed" to each of us, regardless of our geographical location of birth or dwelling on the planet, by The Living God. As Wendell Willkie once said, and I love to quote, "
Freedom is an indivisible word. If we want to enjoy it, and fight for it, we must be prepared to extend it to everyone, whether they are rich or poor, whether they agree with us or not, no matter what their race or the color of their skin."

I have found my own part in the struggle against this strong and ever growing evil enemy. The God I serve has whispered to my heart that I am to support the Warriors sent out to crush this evil which is so intent upon the destruction of the personal freedom which was the Creator's design as He, by His divine hand, created the people of this world. As men and women leave the comfort of their homes and families from countries all over the world to stand in defense of the human race, they sacrifice in so many ways, and some of them make the ultimate sacrifice representing "no greater love." All of us owe them a debt which we will never have the currency to repay. We must support and encourage them as they fight the good fight. We must ensure that the voices of the unwise, who do not understand the level of intent of the enemy, nor the enemies capabilities, are not the prevailing voice. We must provide them without hesitation, every resource they need to stand between the good people of the world, and such a cruel enemy. We must ensure that they are each empowered and enabled with the building of their inner spirit by our visible and tangible support. All of our words, commitment of resources, and private business must demonstrate that always the Soldiers of this cause can count upon those who sent them away from their homes and families to a place of danger, death, and horror. When they return, heroes and heroines, we must honor them, minister to their needs, both physical and emotional, and never neglect the needs they return with.

My husband and I have pledged our personal resources and energies to this effort, opening our home and the beautiful place God has made us stewards of to these ideals, and I cannot express the blessings we have received in return. Daily we come to know more uncommon men and women and their families, from the parents who raised them, nurturing them in the ideals of honor and service, to their children, growing up in the same principles. We do not have a home which reflects the honor these Warriors should receive, we live as the humble people before God that we are, but surely we see God use the resources granted to us to minister to those He has called to stand.

There is peace to be found here, a place to rest with family, a place to search for and find answers to the difficult questions and matters of war... a place to "stand down." God provides it, and we facilitate God's providing it. It is deeply satisfying life work. Pray for us as we serve, pray for the Warriors, pray for their families, and pray for our nation. May God's richest blessings be yours as you do so, and best wishes for this New Year. May you prosper, may you triumph, and most of all, may you come to know, love, and serve The Creator. He stands waiting to make Himself and His love and peace known to you.