From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Again, I Love that Facebook Blessing

Happy Birthday Fairy Daughter

I have a dear friend on facebook, who brings to my life delight.

Though I’ve never seen her face or from her eyes their light.

When I asked her, she said her favorite color is blue.

I knew when I asked it would be some such soothing hue.

The messages that she sends in intervals to me.

Tell of her youth, her true heart, and the woman of honor she will be.

In my mind, from her words, a delicate beauty I see.

From images of the women of her land, I can imagine her face to some degree.

Kindness lives within her and on her face it must leave its’ distinctive mark.

Women without kindness, even though great beauties, have faces that are stark.

From her mouth only genuineness and truth does she speak.

This tells of the strength and courage she possesses, something others seek.

Her heart, though she lives in a war zone, reaches to live in joy,

There are enemies in her country who endeavor always to destroy.

From a picture she saw of me, in her sweetness she named me “Fairy Mother.”

I ponder what thing so quickly could make me smile, and I can think of no other.

Every morning as I pray for each of my children, and all those my loved ones,

Though her face I do not know, among my children's names, hers comes.