From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wildbirds Are Here For the Winter

 The wild birds are everywhere here at Soldier's Heart.  It's just to cold up north, and they are hanging out with me.  That's good for me, since I live in the country, my kids for the most part are grown, and my husband is in Iraq serving the country.  So I feed them and talk to them, and they really appreciate me too, in fact they fuss at me if I don't feed them before I do the horses.   Of course they like the horse feed crumbs that are left as well, but they want their own feeders filled to the brim, and hung high enough that they can eat in peace.  (Cats make them nervous.)
 I find so much peace in watching these little birds.
 This is one of the birds that frequents the pond year round.  He was really cold the day I took this picture, and has one foot drawn up under him at a to keep warmer.

 This guy got too cold, and I thought he was going to die, he was laying on his side down by the pond.  A little warm up inside and he was off  and flying.

Last is the woodpecker, who has caused the power company to have to change  out the pole... twice... just eats right through the twelve in pole.