From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Think I Will Just Post This As it Happened, It Probably Isn't a Good Idea...

  • The deal for me is dare we enter a war without the leadership and will to win the endeavor?
  • Debra LeCompte I wrote this over the weekend, thinking of all that has been given. And let me plainly say, there isn't a general serving I would give you a plug nickle for. Those career building celebs elect one another. I don't want to enter another war until I am sure there are red blooded
    American Patriots in all the top positions. That new Sec of D is a Communist ring kisser. Run him out of town on a rail. Command Sergeant my hind leg. 

    Would I Be Willing

    Would I be willing a second time to do it all over again,
    Knowing what I know now, but I did not back then?

    Would I be willing to place my hand over my heart in front of the bandstand,
    Knowing what I do now of things commanders without honor can so carelessly demand?

    Would I be willing to hear the questions of our children and to look into their eyes,
    Knowing what I do now, just how would I answer the pleas and their cries?

    Would I be willing to spend nights alone thinking of the threat the enemy would wield,
    Knowing what I do now of how many would take their own lives after the battlefield?

    Would I be willing to see him brought off the plane on the gurney,
    Knowing what I do now, would I still agree to make this journey?

    Would I be willing to hold back tears, and kiss him goodbye with a smile,
    Knowing what I do now of the horrors of PTSD mile after mile?

    Would I be willing to roll him again and again down the VA corridors,
    Knowing what I do now about all it means to be a Wounded Warrior?

    Would I be willing to hear the bugler play Taps, and to accept the folded flag in my hand,
    Knowing what I do now of how this endeavor was lacking in a wise and committed plan?

    Would I be willing a second time to do it all over again,
    Knowing what I do now, but I did not back then?
  • Douglas Morosoff We need to stay out of the Korean civil war...the Afghan civil was and all others unless it is a direct treat to us..then we need to fight to win and that means using ALL of our weapons! Let the world be on notice..
  • Debra LeCompte Douglas, would you consider running for president please?
  • Debra LeCompte We have to have leadership that understands first that there really is EVIL out there. President Bush understood this, and called it what it was.
  • Douglas Morosoff I am far too crazy to be President
  • Debra LeCompte We need to understand Afghanistan WAS where the enemy was hiding out, WAS where plans were being hatched to bring down this nation, force us to become Muslim, and rule the entire world.
  • Debra LeCompte Those ideas didn't come out of thin air.
  • Debra LeCompte There WERE WMD in Iraq. I have personal first hand knowledge of both troops on the ground, and Iraqi nationals with eyes on, and president now serving who surely has the same knowledge I do, and continues to deny there were WMD in Iraq, now in a certain neighboring country. I don't believe anything in the news. The news is an entertainment industry, a profit driven, rich people want a bees, many without any formal education, (movie stars) who live "play like lives." Angelina Jolee is not an American diplomat, she is not a philanthropist, ... she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Check the DMSIV.
  • Debra LeCompte She has every classic symptom.
  • Debra LeCompte Patraeus married the Commandant's daughter, and he never deserved her, and some ROTC class recently gave him a standing ovation. (Spit, spit, spit, I have never in my life resorted to any kind of crud behavior, but given the opportunity to, I would spit in his face. Disgrace your wife, betray the Seven Army Values, .... the problem is, that kind of behavior is like cancer, one little cell not obliterated out of the body, grows, spreads, destroys good cells, and contorts, deforms, and destroys the body it inhabits.
  • Debra LeCompte And once all the cancers get together and select one another in the general officer boards, well... you get what their combined contorted, deformed, destroyed little minds put together as a plan...
  • Debra LeCompte Like certain ROE.
  • Debra LeCompte A lot of posers can talk the talk...
  • Debra LeCompte I won't send another loved one without a wal-eyed, hysterical, balled up fist, fit like you haven't ever seen, and one of the greatest prides of my life has been being a refined Southern woman, greatly regarding gentility and manners. (You can tell that by my disdain for the use of paper goods on any table I serve a meal on, or the allowing of a television on during any meal I have cooked and served, and my regard for the English language.) We have allowed the betrayal of the United States Military, the REAL United States Military. Those who serve with honor, devotion, and not for the benefit of self, and now we will cut their pay, cut their benefits, and betray their veterans to pay a debt they did not accrue. Shame on this country of sheep. We no longer deserve our freedom.
  • Debra LeCompte And we are going to lose it. Nations of citizens who do what ours are, always lose their nation. Look to the Eastern sky, He who does not slumber or sleep, who is holy and righteous is gathering His own army. Humanity has proven its' complete lack of ability in all of its' existence to choose to do right.
  • Debra LeCompte And the only way to live in a Creation rightly is to round up those who refuse to do right, and cast them out into the blackness of darkness forever.
  • Debra LeCompte And God is love, and He will no longer allow this self destruction to go on.
  • Debra LeCompte My own focus is to love and serve those who have given so much, and now must struggle to understand to what purpose has it all been given.
  • Debra LeCompte To watch, to pray, to give, and to serve... Easter just passed, the celebration of life and victory.
  • Debra LeCompte Permanent life, permanent victory, and the elimination of threat forever.
  • Debra LeCompte As C.S. Lewis said, we are all souls, we have a body. We live now an existence in time. which is not permanent, but we will exist as a soul for eternity...
  • Debra LeCompte I am planning for my soul, not my body...
  • Debra LeCompte I am looking for leadership relevant to eternity.
  • Debra LeCompte Sorry Douglas Morosoff, I apologize for going off here on your page, I will copy and paste all of this to my blog and take it down from your page. I have just come in watching and reading what you write to greatly respect you, and you bring out the passion of my belief that there are still good people among us, worthy of following.
  • Debra LeCompte Give me a minute to copy and paste, and I will delete all my posts.

    • BTW,I put my sweet and honorable husband on the plane back to Iraq on Friday, and I am always rather emotional for awhile.... The thing is, it takes good people a long time to clean on the messes our country makes... We can't ever make them right once we do so many weak and wrong things, listening to those among us concerned only with themselves and their own.
    • Debra LeCompte But good men and women from among us somewhere, have to do their best, and what they can to stabilize what they can.
    • Debra LeCompte I feel so much compassion for the good people of Afghanistan and Iraq who met the Coalition Forces, worked with them to effect good, and whom we are leaving high and dry... ONCE AGAIN.
    • Debra LeCompte Why can't I just shut up. I will exercise that self discipline now.
    • Debra LeCompte Pray for my husband, and every American of good heart who still stand in harms way tonight, and all those who will perhaps be called upon concerning North Korea, may God help them all.