From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Country of Denmark Produces Such Extrodinary Human Beings

I pride myself in being a strong woman.  I am made so by my faith in God's unconditional love toward me and all of mankind, the love of the most extraordinary man I have ever known, my beautiful children and grand-children, and having had parents that have always stood before me in faith, living righteous and generous lives.  While I have never served, a very strong influence of service in the military by many of my family members, and others I love and consider the best among us, has always been a source of encouragement and has strengthened me.  Watching them, and their uncommon courage, devotion to their country, and their willingness, always brings me personally such good things.

For four years now my husband has served with first the United States Army, and now the State Department in that Great Conflict in the Middle East.  When he first left it was to be only for a year, and then the need for his particular talents and courage grew so evident to me, that even as my mind screamed within me, "not my Randy, I cannot do this another day, my heart softly spoke, if not Randy, then who can God send?"  God extended Randy's service over and over.  If you have never loved a Soldier personally and deeply, you can't understand the conflict one's mind and heart have to endure as you watch and support their service.  Always there exists the chance they will never come home, or if they do, it will not be as they were when they left.

After this last most recent "home on leave time," I put Randy back on the plane to Iraq, my mind screaming silently in my head once again, and my heart softly whispering, "he must go."  I have struggled, as always, but perhaps more this time, because he has promised this is the last time.  Either the next time he leaves Texas, I will go with him, or he will not go.  His word is his bond, I can completely count on that, still I have struggled the past four days.

Then last evening on facebook, my strongest support system for the last four years, I saw Buzzy Sorensen's post of tribute to a young woman from Denmark who gave her life in service to that very special homeland of hers.  Buzzy referred to her as Sophia B, and posted a link to a You Tube video of tribute to her life.  I clicked, and images of such beauty, such a life lived, and inspiration for my heart as those images depicting what she was willing to give flowed across the screen to the background of beautiful music.  I watched, re-watched, and re-watched, and this morning my own life is once again not only manageable, but so much easier in the light of what I know of the life of Sophia B.

If you have lost someone in the Global War on Terror, and if sometimes you just can't understand the loss, why it has happened, and you can't see at this moment whether it was truly worth it, I would suggest to you that in no other context can human beings so deeply comprehend love.  For as our God says, no greater love hath any man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.  I thank God for the life of Sophia B, which I would never have had any knowledge of, never had opportunity to be inspired by, encouraged by, or lifted up by, ... had she not gone to war for her country, and demonstrated the greatest love of all.

I sat on the porch last night looking up at the sky, thinking of the life of a woman of uncommon character, courage, honor and beauty, went inside and slept peacefully for the first time in three days.   Thank you Sophia B!

The largest rose pictured in these roses from my garden is the peace rose. Sophia, here's to your life, and the  peace God always gives to those who receive it.