From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn Concerning the Indictment of a Female Marine At Camp Pendleton for Adultery After She Reported Rape

Dear Senator Cornyn:

Last week I was in Washington as a delegate to the SWAN (Service Women's Action Network,) conference on military sexual trauma, which I am sure you are aware is rampant in our military.  My husband is an honor graduate of West Point and the Army War College who retired with 30 years of service and is now serving with the State Department in Baghdad, Iraq.  We have two sons in law, one still serving in Germany, and one with a purple heart who can no longer serve.  We have a daughter who served eight years.  We are acutely aware of just how UCMJ can be manipulated by corrupt command.  

Today I have a grave concern.  Camp Pendleton has a terrible record for dealing with MST. There are four murder trials currently in the court systems involving Marines from Camp Pendleton, and three of those murders involve sexual trauma.  Please see the links at my web site:  

Today it has come to my attention that there is an indictment against a female Marine at Camp Pendleton for adultery, after her cry of rape against another Marine.  I see this for what it is.  You will too.  Please intervene for the sake of all the women who were at last week's conference, and all those no longer with us, who could not bare the burden of their own Military Sexual Trauma. Please intervene for the sake of  the Marine couple (the female Marine is married to a  Marine.)  Please contact me with information of what action you take.

Debra LeCompte