From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Don't Know About the Rest of You...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I will not stand for it.  I am a mother, and we mothers endeavor to instill in our children values, honor, and character.  How dare the military academies fail to uphold our standards.  We do not lend our sons and daughters to the United States Military without the expectation that an even higher standard will be taught and practiced.  I demand that accountability be enforced at the highest levels. If you are in leadership, and incapable of enforcing the standards which are the stated guiding principles of each of the branches of service, you are not the man or woman for the job.  Step aside and allow those who are to lead.  Just because you are selected as a general office, does not mean you have the skills, character, and devotion to sacred duty to be a general officer, as so many have recently proven.

I watch those commercials on television where you use parents interacting with their sons and daughters, every insinuation, every direct message, every nuance of language indicates you will promote and permit only honorable behavior among the troops.  However, recent courts martials indicate that while leadership seems to now be returning to promoting honor by enforcing accountability, there has been a period of overall failure of Army leadership.

Once again the headlines indicate not all is right, and in the highest institutions of leadership training.  How possibly can those of the youngest coming into military service be expected to serve honorably in all they do, if you are allowing their future leaders to be influenced and trained by leadership which cannot within the restrictive environment of the service academies control this particular neglect of honor?  Who is at the wheel?  What about their own lives, skills, and character allows this? Is it that even though you preach something different, you do not believe overall honor to be an achievable goal among the recruits of West Point, therefore it falls from the focus of your mission?  I know many graduates of West Point, and I am here to tell you devotion to sacred duty and honor is achievable.  There are graduates from decades ago, when popular thinking was against women in the military, who easily embrace and practice equal respect for all serving in our military, and they are skilled enough in leadership, that they can and do enforce it among those they lead.