From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Often Comment on Stars and Stripes, I am Always Completely Honest

Seldom do my remarks get published on Stars and Stripes, or once they are published, remain up on the comments board, even though I am very civil. Stars and Stripes is the official news venue of the U.S. military.  So I am redacting the names of those I directed my comments and arguments at, and conducting an experiment concerning the opinion of those serving in the military, Veterans, and the families of the two aforementioned groups.  Here is the premise:

I believe that the ordinary person serving, or who has served,  in the United States Military,  believes as I do, that abuse of power is rampant in the leadership of our military, and that UCMJ is often nothing more than a kangaroo court.  Further, that as I believe, those serving are completely helpless to do anything about it, because of the threat that speaking truth poses to anyone serving.  So below you will find the commentary I observed and the remarks I made concerning their comments.

Person #1.  The UCMJ is finally revealed to be as bad as the failed GTMO military commissions. Results-oriented justice; absolutely no pretense at fairness. Any lawyer who participates in courts-martial today should be disbarred as furthering what amount to Stalinesque show trials. "Trust commanders to act impartially and prudently in sexual assault cases, Senator Gillibrand!" "Uhmmm. Wait a second. I guess JFK was right when he said during the naval blockade of Cuba that 'There's always some son-of-a-b*tch who doesn't get the message.'" If this doesn't prove that the UCMJ is a wretched joke, I don't know what does.

Person #2.  You obviously don't understand the UCMJ enough to be making those comments. Of course, the entire system could be wrong and you could be right. But I'll choose the system over you. What are missing is the "results" part. No one has directed a result. That would be unlawful command influence. Instead, what has been directed, for reasons none of us really know, is another investigation into the case. Gen Franklin and his lawyer decided not to go forward. Now another GCMCA will get to look at this. I don't know if this is validation exercise or if this shows no trust in Gen Franklin and his lawyer (who may be the same lawyer from the Aviano case that was dismissed). In any event, you have gone a little extreme in your conclusion of "Stalinesque" show trials. This hasn't even gone to trial - and may never go to trial.

#Me  You don't think that "directed results" prevail every hour of every day within the UCMJ? You don't believe that "unlawful command influence" happens every day? Why don't you get out from behind whatever desk or computer you are sitting behind and go find yourself some ordinary military personnel, and start asking them questions. Until we fix UCMJ and its' "Stalinesque" show trials, our military will not have the leadership it deserves. The visible miscarriages of justice aren't even the most dangerous effects of a broken UCMJ. It is the countless decisions made everyday under the influence of a system where the misuse of power is a constant threat to men and women of honorable character and service, which is the true problem. This isn't a joke, ("different spankings") it isn't the ravings of a lying nut job, (I always ignore all those little jabs, and outright slaps in the face, my life is an open book of long standing, and available to the world,) it is simple truth. Talk to the average service member. One time I pleaded with a retired CSM to report what he knew, knowing him to be such a person of honor. He replied, "Debra, an entire Division knew that was going on, you think any one person is capable of standing up to an entire Division of the United States Army?"
I do not believe anyone within the system can prevail against the current system to affect change. It will take Veterans and their families to set free the honor of the United States Military. It is currently being held hostage by UCMJ.

  • Person #3 Person #1 has been one of the 'UCMJ is broke' folks. You will not convince otherwise.

    • Person #2. Thanks. Maybe he was once on the receiving end of the UCMJ or works for Sen Gillibrand.

      • Me: I take it that either one of those choices in your mind indicates lack of reason? Were you aware that Active Duty Marines threatened to harm Sen Gillibrand? Publicly, by way of facebook, daily for months, they threatened to sexually assault the Senator? Now, what would make anyone intelligent enough to make a Marine, without fear of those actions?
Since I know my remarks will be short lived on Stars and Stripes, I am making my comments on my own blog.

If you do not know, Stars and Stripes is the "official" voice of the military... in other words, under the thumb of present leadership.

So, if you are an ordinary Veteran, family member, or active duty service member, and you agree with me,... or not, I would suggest you find your way to this article and comment as a guest concerning your own observations.

I venture they will shut down the comments within an hour if the tide prevails in the wrong direction... but that would be telling as well, would it not?